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Vic Vimes
03-13-2008, 04:39 PM
http://www.ocwfed.net/recapshow/riot/newriotlogo.gif (http://www.ocwfed.net/recapshow/riot/2008-03-13/index.htm)
Less Entrance Videos Please.

Josiah Cross
03-13-2008, 06:37 PM
Awesome looking Riot. Lots of goods. I will be writing a Cross Examination for this one so keep an eye out for it.

Adrian Bold
03-13-2008, 07:38 PM
I know I am!

Nate Ortiz
03-13-2008, 07:55 PM
After watching this show I still hate the Hardcore Regin. Guy has scarred me for life yet again.

The Guy Fausto
03-13-2008, 08:51 PM
Nate's tears make the world go round.

03-13-2008, 10:51 PM
Nate's tears make the world go round.

I thought it was Heaton tears.


Smythe D. Wonder
03-14-2008, 01:17 AM
this Riot was amazing... everyone needs to take the whole thing in...

Nick Kage
03-14-2008, 01:47 AM

cross you have to make sure the finsiher icon comes up before you hit your finsiher.

Smythe D. Wonder
03-14-2008, 01:56 AM

cross you have to make sure the finsiher icon comes up before you hit your finsiher.

Cross just ended it that way out of sheer frustration... Chino was rolling in the corner like a cheap whore... I understood his pain immediatly after seeing that finsiher

Josiah Cross
03-14-2008, 02:24 AM
yeah he reversed 3 of mine and I wasnt going to miss the fourth one and he got all caught up rolling around in the corner I missed several grapples and I was tapping Y all at the same time and yeah ended up hitting him before the icon showed up. Gave him plenty of time to reverse the other 3 attempts...but yeah HELL of a match though.

Like Smythe said this Riot owns, you are missing out if you dont watch/read. Which is why im not posting any Examination for atleast another day.

Nate Ortiz
03-14-2008, 02:32 AM
Cross just ended it that way out of sheer frustration... Chino was rolling in the corner like a cheap whore... I understood his pain immediatly after seeing that finsiher QFT... From this match and the HC match you can see where some people say the strong grapple really isn't relied on as much. Not from all participents but you can see. That rolling at the end looked like rolling to get out of the way and not accidently to reverse the attacks.

03-14-2008, 03:01 AM
Dam did i under setimate valmont, that was the hardest defence i have had, he ground grapples more than any1 i have ever played in any smackdown game..lol..my reversal timing was way off...props to valmont.

Adrian Bold
03-14-2008, 03:29 AM
that was the hardest defence i have had

*looks down at N.A title*

03-14-2008, 03:43 AM
I meant hardcore defence ...lol

Trevor McManus
03-14-2008, 05:43 AM
Less Entrance Videos Please.

You'll regret that come next week when everyone skips their entrance asnd you get lots of *Insert name, comes down to the ring*.

03-14-2008, 08:58 AM
You'll regret that come next week when everyone skips their entrance and you get lots of *Insert name, comes down to the ring*.

That should have been Heaton's entrance for a long time now.

Seth Morrison
03-14-2008, 09:07 AM
That should have been Heaton's entrance for a long time now.

Heaton shouldnt even have a theme. He should be like those old time WWF jobbers, who just showed up in the ring before the star who was going to kick hios ass.

EX. Chris Adams. Biggest jobber in the world. NExt to Vincent Valmont of course.

Vincent Valmont
03-14-2008, 09:30 AM
EX. Chris Adams. Biggest jobber in the world. NExt to Vincent Valmont of course.

I'm going to pretend I didn't read this.

Nathan Gaines
03-14-2008, 09:41 AM
Chris Adams headbutted a pilot

03-14-2008, 10:40 AM
Wow does Leon's finisher suck,is it supposed to be an Orton style kick to the head? If so i'd go with the running face wash man, as that actually kicks him in the head and not the chest :)

03-14-2008, 11:22 AM
But wouldn't you want Leon HEART to kick someone in the HEART? Leave the chest kick Leon. Not only that, but change your name to Leonchest.

Smythe D. Wonder
03-14-2008, 12:30 PM
well Riot was kick ass again this week... with pretty much the whole roster taking part... what a show...

New NA champion Bold starts us off... by calling for a ridiculous celebration... which the party planner can`t come through on obviously... the RP was great until the part where Bold bashes her head in with the NA title.... kinda ruined a good RP with that... uncalled for??? I think so...

VV makes another bold RP before jobbing yet again... it`s almost like Valmont needs a new gimmick to sell all of his losing... he RP`s like a badass... but he just can`t hang with even the mid-carders...

and after I rip Valmont he puts on a damn good showing... VV kicks Pee Stee`s ass and shows great reversal ability... great hardcore match IMO... VV`s quick grapple, ground grapple tactic just owns Pee Stee throughout the match... this match has great flow and a great ending... and Pee Stee uses the elbow not because he wanted to... because that was the best way to secure the title.... problably the best hardcore match I`ve seen on 08 so far... great match...

after that Pee Stee commends VV on his effort... and to debut a possible gimmick change... I like it... ALOT... good shyt

Kangs mother is in the building... and it`s her birthday... did she get my Card Kang??? she did... sweet... haha

Reed and Strider still fighting about who`s better... I`m surprised they haven`t fought 1 on 1 for that ex title yet...

Bold is out fresh off his poor party execution... I have to say I was disappointed to not see a classic RP... Cross`s explaining of the solitary confinement match is indeed interesting tho... this match is gonna own... I can`t wait for it... preview next week please...

haha... "who wears short shorts???? Reed wears short shorts..." lol... damn homie... this match was like EX greatness... only problem is Martin isn`t EX... but Reed returns to his normal kickassery... good match... now Gaines comes down after and lays a sweet exchange on Reed... I like that... Gaines looks like a midget freak with that full beard tho... haha

Kage completely ruins my night... first telling that I don`t get to help him finish off Nate... but he also informs me that I have to tag with Double A against my enemies in CJ and Leon... dammit... I hate them all...

Double A is out to make a statement next... and we agree to not kill each other long enough to wipe the floor with Leon and CJ... incase you people have forgot... there was once a saturday night clash made to settle a Smythe/AA flame fest... quite the match actually... I lost... but whatever...

anyway this RP goes fantastic... everything works.. it`s all gold... until Double A smashes a beer bottle over Mrs.James`s head??? really... seriously...

Bold vs Kang is a beatdown... a classic case of someone who`s mastered a style against someone who is learning another style... Bold walks backwards constantly and only attacks when Kang walks far enough to be in range for a grapple or after Kang misses a grapple already... while Kang advances forward constantly... it`s not even fun to watch... Bold retreats to the corner even when Kang is finishable... and pretty much fights the entire match from the turnbuckles from walking backwards so much... exact reason why Kang will continue to be more over than Bold even after this match...

I`ll say it one more time... the Main Eventers in OCW are the guys that push the action... guys that engage contact... the guys that use attack and defend in the ring as opposed to tylers and retreats... the ME guys will never strike when they`re in the process of being attacked... they transition from offense to defence with either a counter or after a knock down... Kang is in the process of learning to be a Main Eventer meaning he`s problably putting in alot of time playing with the ME guys or else he`d play much different... I say this squash happened because Bold is better at the game... but also Bold pretty much cheeses Kang out by making him chase the whole match... nothing wrong with it... it`s just a crap hole to watch...

Smythe has lost it... he comes to the ring and challenges Vic Vimes to a Cage match... actually he just makes a cage match and expects Vimes to comply... which was where the RP was supposed to end... Vimes adds his 2 cents turning this RP from my personal storyline progression bit to a fantastic RP... VImes says the only way I get to kick the crap out of my oppressor is to have a ultimate stipulation... If Vimes wins he gets to be the big boss at the grand daddy of them all Wresolution... haha... like he can beat me anyways... good shyt Vimes...

Leon and CJ are plotting on me... and Leon hints at a new finisher... one he should have had while he was a heel... not like he`ll get to use it anyway... and keep that broad out of the Way Leon... before something happens to her... that I won`t apologize for...

Chino, Cross is up next... Chino is trying hard not to roll in this match... ends up just standing still for a good portion of the fight... goes red quickly cause of it... chino is finishable at the 9 minute mark... I think Chino reverses 3 finishers before Cross finally ends it....

Shawmans back... to wreslte at Lution against CHino... and inactive Marty has decided he wants in too... making it a Lution 3 way...

Nate is in trouble with the INC after Letting Guy get killed last week... Nate explains that actions speak louder than words... but Versus isn`t hearing it... and Nate gets kicked out of the bar for not realizing the numbers game involved...

Tag match is up next... it was pretty well done... I was bothered by lag as I couldn`t reverse a damn thing.... and Double A had to carry us the whole match... to make it worse I pull an ultimate failure in the end pretty much costing us the match when I botch the easy save... I was secretly furious about that... Double A makes a massive comeback effort to Get Leon finishable near the end a truely markable performance by him...

and after Smythe and Double A argue a bit but then Smythe turns to CJ and Leon and CJ hits a massive dive spot out of the ring... (he botched his ive in the match haha) and this week it`s Smythe`s turn to go through a table... effectively concluding his horrible night as he goes head first through a table...

Nate`s screwed as he`s set to face off against Majin with Kage watching.... but wait no... it`s Fausto dressed like a chick... haha I marked... and Fausto understands where he belongs with the Alliance... but wait... he`s attacking Majin... damn double crosser... I don`t even wanna spoil the rest of it... just watch page 6... it`s amazing...

on another note... TURMOIL is light years behind Riot at the moment... step up Turmoil... you have a GM that`s not a retard now... let`s get an awesome show in for Turmoil....

and get me about RP`s Turmoil guys... as I`ll be at the show watching who will join me and Leon in the FI match...

03-14-2008, 12:39 PM
Like I said earlier, thats the hardest hardcore title defense i have had,he ground grappled the shit out of me, it took me a while to get in the flow of the match,huge props to valmont, i under-estimated him and he's been practicing :) was real fun to play and hopefully it isnt the last time me and valmont meet in the squared circle

The Guy Fausto
03-14-2008, 01:14 PM
It's not a double cross, Smythe. It's a quadruple cross.

Cross one- in SA
Cross two- aligned with Rev Inc
Cross three- in SA again for 2 minutes
Cross four- aligned with Rev Inc again.

I assure Rev Inc I will keep my backstabbing in even amounts of numbers.

03-14-2008, 02:16 PM
Its creeps me out to know that Smythe and myself sometimes think alike. And I mean only sometimes. Example Bolds opener, it was good till he went "IM SO HEEL I HIT WOMAN" then it sorta lost its luster.

Adrian Bold
03-14-2008, 02:18 PM
Hey, I already told her twice.

Josiah Cross
03-14-2008, 03:52 PM
Last week you said The Cross Examination is looking more like DaWonder Reports...this week I'm going to say DaWonder Reports is starting to look more like the Corss Examination. Nice read Smythe, well done.

Nick Kage
03-14-2008, 05:26 PM
this is now bold.


Josiah Cross
03-14-2008, 10:40 PM
So I try and get this done as fast I can but as you can see I wrote a lot. I may not post the Examination in the midst of the chatter but hopefully it sparks back up some interest. With that said it was a CRRAAAAZY Riot! So it deserves this full fledge Cross Examination. I haven't read over this so if there are typos...my bad.

Cross Examination
(***9/10 out of ****)

Page #1

Show opens up backstage with the new NA Champ Adrian Bold. Bold is in the process of planning his HUGE celebration. Adrian Bolds middle name is Templeton? Well according to his Wiki page it is so I think he’s going to keep it. Ohhh man Bold’s party list is hilarious. The Benoit Dummy, a countdown hung from the rafters counting down the days until he breaks Mania’s record, and Boldust to introduce him. There’s more but those are just classic. Bold isn’t happy when his planner informs him that his party ideas are impossible. Great promo to open the show.

Welcome back to Riot Vincent…HA! Nice opening line. This is a great written RP as well. VV is extremely focused. Vincent says he’s a big fish and he’s hungry. Unless they fill the arena with water not sure how he can get down to the ring. Kidding, but nicely written VV. Short and sweet. Let’s see if VV can pull off the upset.

The new entrance shirt on Parker looks good. I was trying to read what it said. Look up on the front but what on the back? Rap is crap….Ill have to agree. Nice spots: Valmont gets whipped into the stairs, he stops on them and turns around right into a kick to the face from Parker, Parker whacking himself in the head with a chair then drilling VV with a chair shot, nice set up for the elbow drop. So this match was very good. Valmont pretty much got dominated by the weapons however he was able to get grapple moves in. There were a few times where Parker would run and at Valmont and give him no chance to reverse. Same with some punch combos, punch, punch, then right into grapple. You should at least give your opponent one second to reverse after a combo like that. Anyways great outing from Valmont, held his ground and put on a great fight.

After the match Parker congratulates Valmont in a mean yet respectful way for giving him one of his self proclaimed toughest hardcore title match defenses yet. Parker calls himself perfect and says there will be a new champion at Lution? If I read this correctly…is Parker dropping the title? I don’t know the ending of the RP confused me a bit.

Well I guess Bold picked a good day to have a celebration because its Kaaaanng James Mothers birthday. Kang keeps it classy and doesn’t talk bad about either AA or Bold.

Page #2

Strider and Reed are confident about their Wrestlelution match against the odd couple. They are both also confident they will walk out of Lution winners after their match for the Ex Title. Reed vs Strider sounds like a great match up.

Adrian Bold makes his way out to the ring with his new entrance. I like it a lot, nice into video and the music lyrics are VERY fitting. Bold looks like a champion. However his celebration is a major let down. The planner supposedly got sick and wasn’t able to help out. Bold cuts a bit of a shoot promo. However I agree that there is much more going for the title in this feud than if some others were holding it right now. I, Josiah Cross, decide it is time to interrupt the party turned speech. I guess the security guards ran scared because they weren’t much of a force keeping Cross away from Bold. Cross explains what exactly everyone can expect from the Solitary Confinement Match and Wrestlelution. I won’t explain it right here…in the Cross Examination (thumbs up cheap pop to myself). Read the RP for the match description! I’m really looking forward to this match, I’m liking the stipulation. Bold is going to be sent back behind bars!

Reed pretty much dominates the match against Martin. After starting off strong, Martin has hit a bit of a cold streak. But don’t worry I predict a bounce back sometime soon. Reed ends the match off a shooting star press. After the match Reeds old music hits (maybe Gaines’ entrance music now? I’m not sure if it was minds games or Gaines coming out. It is my fault I don’t know what Gaines intro music is). Anyways Gaines runs out and owns Reed.
Gaines grabs a mic. and says that it’s no longer fun and games for Deano and him. They are both serious and ready to take the tag titles off the hands of BDTT. Gaines also says he’s going to win the Ex Title and there’s nothing anybody can do about it.

Smythe …= a “,” (<= … also can be represented with a simple comma) there is just waaaaaaay to much of it. Kage is disappointed that Smythe was unable to get the job done against Nate. Smythe still can’t believe Nate kicked out the SDW. Smythe gets a little worked up and ends up storming out the locker room. Nice RP but some of it confused me, all the “…” didn’t help much either.

Page #3

AA turns heel. Hmmmmm I was hoping for like a badass stone cold like character. Ruthless yet still face about it. However the RP was well done. Really sounded like you could hate him. Classic heel comments were made, but of course it was easy, the show was in Idaho so half the stuff he was saying was actually true ha. (Visited once and there was nothing but potato fields, booooring). AA chats it up a bit with Kaang’s mother inside the ring. But Kaang’s mother pretty much tells AA that Kang has accomplished more in his short time in OCW then AA has. AA calls “Barbara” a whore then gets slapped for it. Double A then hits Barbara in the head with his beer bottle. Kang runs out a little late but sends Double A running. Great RP by Double A. This is a great filler feud. No titles on the line but it has great story to it. That being AA bring Kang into OCW and now turning on him. Great RP, really liking the storyline. Keep it up.

Bold vs Kang…pretty much a squash. Bold has his move set and his combos down. He’s not breaking any FPR rules it’s just a lot of set ups and linked attacks. Not the greatest match but I do like Bold’s new champ attire.

Smythe makes his way down to the ring. Alright this clears things up a bit more. The little man is Vic Vimes and Smythe is pissed about how he’s been treated with the bookings. So Smythe challenges him to a fight…in a cage. Ha. Vimes makes his way don’t to the ring like a badass. Vimes puts Smythe in his place while a classic “Da Jobber” chant starts. Vimes says he can’t be forced to fight, but if Smythe wants the cage match its on his terms. Smythe must get confirmation from Jaysin that there will be no S.A. interference in the cage match our else Smythe is removed from the FI match. I really like this second stipulation. If Vimes somehow wins, he gets to be CEO of OCW for a day of his choosing, that day being April 6th, 2008, Wrestlelution III. I will majorly mark if Vimes gets this match and wins. What he does with his CEO power for Lution id love to see. Great RP!

Page #4

Backstage Leon and CJ are talking about their upcoming tag match. Leon thanks CJ for the help last week and CJ said he was just returning the favor. I guess these two have had a bad history, Leon attempts to apologize but CJ has put it all in the past. Leon is determined to win the FI match at Lution but also wants to get a piece of Smythe, who will also be in the match. CJ leaves to prepare for tag match. Simple RP but refreshes my memory for the tag match, nice addition.

Next up is my match with DJ Chino. It was done right after the no punching in grapples was announced so we both were focusing on not tapping X when grappled. It was easier said than done, but it ended up helping the match play out much better in my opinion. Anyways, this was a CRAZY match. Chino got the best of me last time we fought (although that match was damn good also) so I was determined to even out the score. It was a fast paced match, both of us were hitting strong grapples. Chino had some crazy air attacks. One cool spot to look for is Cross gets knocked to the outside Chino runs to across the ring, off the ropes, then flips over the others to take me out just as I’m getting up. Well timed, well executed. Chino reverses 3 of my finishers and after the battle we were having someone was going to end it on a finisher. I thought I was done when Chino set me up for his ground finisher but I reversed it. One of the best matches I’ve had on 08 yet, damn good, Cross finishes it off with a “Prison Break” Shoulder Block.

After the match Jack Shawman makes an unexpected return. Always liked Shawman glad to see he’s back and the CAW looks badass. He attempts to apologize to Chino for the things he’d done to him in the past but he is interrupted my Marty Firestone. The RP is very well written, Chino wants Shawman at Lution. However, Marty ends up pushing himself into the match as well. It’s going to be a triple threat between the 3, should be an awesome match. Wrestlelution is REALLY shaping up.

Page #5

RP of the night hands down. Damn this was very very well written. Versus finds Nate backstage and attempts to get Nate to forgive and trust Guy. It’s a numbers game against the Sensational Alliance and Vs. tries to get Nate to accept the aid of Guy. Read this RP people. Damn good.

This was a well fought tag match. Had a nice flow to it. I liked where about &#190; through it broke into a brawl with Leon and Smythe going at it on the outside and AA and CJ inside the ring. The Leon vs Smythe match up was pretty close. Both were getting their shots in. Leon gets worked by AA’s combo punch (really like that move for some reason), Leon takes forever to get up and just as AA is about to hit his finisher the icon stops blinking and AA backs away. Leon bust open AA and hits his finisher. Smythe runs in. Question though is there a tag rule that says you can’t run in until the person attempts the pin? For some reason I remember it from my tag days but it would be good to know for A-Jax and Mace if they tag. Anyways Smythe is unable to break up the pin and Leon and CJ win. Great tag team action.

After the match Smythe is slow to leave, arguing with AA. He ends up getting owned by CJ and Leon ending with him being DDTed through a table.

Page #6

So the Main Event is Nate vs a mystery opponent. But first person to make his way out to the ring is Nick Kage. Then Nate…is Kage the mystery opponent? Nate vs Kage before Lution? Well out comes OCW Champion Blake Majin. Blake announces that Nate’s opponent is Guy. Guy makes a disturbing entrance to the ring, obviously kissing up to Majin. Guy grabs the mic. and says he’s cleared his head and realized that Nate doesn’t want to accept his help and knows that Majin would watch his. Guy says he has rejoined the SA only to quickly turn on Majin by clotheslining him unexpectedly.

This then breaks into a tag match. Damn that kick to the nuts followed by a hip thrust to the face is just vintage Majin. Nate gets owned twice by it back to back. &#190; of the way into it things start getting interesting. It’s Kage vs Nate in the ring and Guy sends Majin flying over the barricade. It then cuts to Majin and Guy battling it out in the crowd area. Suddenly Jaysin music hits and the boss makes his way down to the ring. Damn I wanted to see some Nate vs Kage one on one action in the ring. Damn you Jay. Distracted by Jay, Nate turns his back on Kage who rolls out the ring and grabs a chair, only to hit Nate from behind with it. Guy and Majin are still going at it and it cuts to Guy putting Majin through a table. Damn this editing is tight. Jay informs Nate his night isn’t over. I just said I was pissed at Jay for ruining the one on one action well he has a cell drop down over Nate and Kage who begin to duke it out.

Majin and Guy have now made it to the parking lot and they are still going at it. Nate and Kage are now on top of the Cell. Alright this is one of the best endings on Riot in history straight up. The reversal battle by Nate and Kage on the top of the cell is just awesome. Major tension builder, there must have been atleast 8 reversals. Plus that song by Helmet is badass. Nate gets the upper hand but Kage battles back and gets the final devastating move in. Kage powerbombs Nate off the cell through the announce table. It was INSANE! That is the first time I have ever seen that animation. So that was CRAZY! Let’s just hope that fall didn’t kill Nate.

The ending to Riot like I said before was one of the best I have ever seen. The editing was amazing well done. The set up for Lution could not be done any better. Guy vs Majin for the OCW Title is going to be crazy. Nate vs Kage is going to be crazy. This is probably going to be the best Wrestleltion yet, hard to believe but it’s got potential to be that damn good.

Final Thoughts: GOD DAMN WHAT A RIOT! Quality RPs, great matches, and an amazing ending. I already wrote a whole damn bunch about the show so I won’t say much more but that was a near perfect Riot.

Match of the Night: I’m going with Cross vs DJ Chino. Four finisher reversals, it went back and forth. One of the best matches I’ve had on 08 yet. All around a quality fight. Though it may not have been official the Main Event video was incredible so if you want to call that a match I give it a tie!

ONE HELL OF A RIOT! Can’t wait for the aftermath next week. Wooooooooo!

Michael Morrison
03-15-2008, 02:43 AM
on another note... TURMOIL is light years behind Riot at the moment... step up Turmoil... you have a GM that`s not a retard now... let`s get an awesome show in for Turmoil....I wouldn't go so far as to say "lightyears" - maybe kilometers, or miles... just throwing that out there.

Seeing as Jaysin and Smythe think alike, they will now be referred to as "The Childrens of Wonder". I can even see Jaysin letting Smythe do a Desk.

SMYTHE: Good evening... ladies and.................. gentlemen. First off.... I want to talk about all..... the bitching going on..... on the threads......... lately. I swear to Jaysin that if you.... people... don't get the sand out of your... vaginas, I will personally send Bold to bitch.... slap... the taste out of your....................................... vaginas.

On another note, The Cross Examination is starting to look like The Madness Report, in terms of length and gurth (he should be proud) but until he needs to chop the Examination into two separate posts just to fit it all, the reward for most unnecessary sentences will forever be mine. Mine, I say.

Josiah Cross
03-15-2008, 03:03 AM
On another note, The Cross Examination is starting to look like The Madness Report, in terms of length and gurth (he should be proud) but until he needs to chop the Examination into two separate posts just to fit it all, the reward for most unnecessary sentences will forever be mine. Mine, I say.

Thats actually a good idea I think I will start doing that, post it in parts. I had half it done two days ago but just waited to finish it all. Thanks for the kudos.

Michael Morrison
03-15-2008, 03:05 AM
Thanks for the kudos.http://i.ivillage.com/DF/103105/snackbars/DF_Kudos_366.jpg
Don't mention it.

Leon Valentine
03-17-2008, 04:29 AM
A bit late but a very nice showing by Riot this week. Storylines for lution are coming on very nicely, really looking forward to how they will turn out.

As the alpha heel said, well least he likes to call himself that. I will be at turmoil next week to see who will be joining us.

Nick Kage
03-17-2008, 11:47 AM
A bit late but a very nice showing by Riot this week. Storylines for lution are coming on very nicely, really looking forward to how they will turn out.

As the alpha heel said, well least he likes to call himself that. I will be at turmoil next week to see who will be joining us.

i didnt say that?

Leon Valentine
03-17-2008, 12:30 PM
i didnt say that?

Smythe likes to call himself the alpha heel but the only thing really heel about Smythe is he likes to cheap shot people from behind. When it comes face to face he runs a mile and lets others do his dirty work.