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    Useless Member Rookie Alice Dylan is on a distinguished road
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    Sep 2020
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    WRESTLER NAME: Alice Dylan
    HOMETOWN: Austin, Texas
    HEIGHT: 5'9
    WEIGHT: 163
    THEME SONG: Don’t have one yet

    SIGNATURE MOVES: Saito Suplex

    FINISHER: Daddy’s Home (Corkscrew Forearm Smash)

    BIOGRAPHY: Alice has loved fighting since she was a kid constantly getting into fights with her classmates. She turned this love of fighting into a passion learning multiple martial arts before turning it into a career in MMA when she turned 20. A world class striker she would go on to be very accomplished in MMA over the course of 5 years before it eventually bored her. Looking for a new challenge she turned to wrestling joining OCW as a chance at entertaining herself.

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    Useless Member Rookie Chris Greene is on a distinguished road Chris Greene's Avatar
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    HOMETOWN: Rochester, New York
    HEIGHT: 5'8"
    WEIGHT: 206lbs
    THEME SONG: "My Demons" by Starset (Instrumental)

    SIGNATURE MOVES(S): Underhook Arm Drag; Rolling Kneebar 1

    FINISHERS(S): Tilt-A-Whirl DDT 1

    Biography: Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Christopher David Alleyne, better known to wrestling fans now as Chris Greene, had been a fan of professional wrestling for what seemed like forever. Captivated by the shining bright lights, the roars of the crowd and the athletic ability of the performers in the ring (well, in most cases, that is.) Deciding at an early age that he would join the industry as soon as he could, he would go on to train right out of high school - after spending all of his savings to be in a 3-month long training program at the local training school. Initially debuting as a plucky young underdog, Chris soon decided to be an arrogant, cocky young heel. However, this didn't improve his standing in the industry, and he seemed to rot on the regional circuit. Eventually finding his place in many small-time companies as a gatekeeper-esque heel for the rising stars of the companies. Nearing 30, it seemed he would never find lasting success in a major company. Then he met John Carter. Together, teaming under the guise of "Wrestling Club" and tearing it up on the local scenes, they would join a few short lived companies. John Carter would leave Chris on the regional circuit for a few weeks, joining OCW, and realizing that life on the indies certainly wasn't as fun without his compatriot, Chris soon followed. It is unknown whether or not Chris intends to continue his team with John Carter - especially after John's mouth landed him in some hot water amongst the backstage crew - or if Chris will try to form his own path, and carve out a spot as a singles competitor in OCW.
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