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    Useless Member Rookie Tyler Steel is on a distinguished road Tyler Steel's Avatar
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    WRESTLER NAME:Tyler Steel
    HOMETOWN:Montreal,Quebec Canada
    THEME SONG:All Good Things-Stay Now

    SIGNATURE MOVES(S) solid steel boot
    Kill shot

    FINISHERS(S) Steel Compactor

    ACCOLADES: None yet

    Biography: A former indie wrestler who fought for the admiration of the crowd untill he botched a move and injured his opponent. the company fired him do to him being unstable. Tyler quickly sunk into depression becoming a alcoholic. Then a night like any other (spending time at his local bar) he got a bit "rowdy" and was kicked out onto the streets and that's when he saw a advertisement for ocw...
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    Useless Member Rookie JeremyHeresy13 is on a distinguished road
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    Wrestler Name: "Reckless" Jeremiah Young
    Hometown: New York, NY
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 225 lbs
    Theme Song: Assume by Sylar

    Signature Moves: S.T.F.D. - Stay The Fuck Down (B.F.T.), Spiraled Out (Spinning Complete Shot)
    Finisher: With Reckless Abandon (Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker)

    Notable Feuds: None at the moment
    Accolades: None at the moment

    Biography: Raised in the streets of the City That Never Sleeps, Young grew up with a obsession with two things: rock and wrestling. When he was young, he grew quite a reputation in his neighborhood as a brawler; someone who would go out swinging if the odds were against him. He looked up to wrestlers like Tommy Dreamer and Raven for their never-say-die spirit and the brutal lengths they would go to in order to win. By the time he was a teen, the young anarchist's eyes went from the ECW legends that walked and bled in his own streets to across the pond, admiring the work or British hardcore and Strong-Style wrestlers like Jimmy Havoc, Jack Jester, and Pete Dunne. After he graduated from high school, he knew what he wanted to do: wrestle, fight, win. He spent time in the U.K. learning from and training with some of the best hard-hitters on that side of the Atlantic before he came across a promotion by the name of OCW. It was there he thought that if he was gonna make a name for himself, might as well be in a storied company like OCW.

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    Decent Member Rookie Damian Bourne will become famous soon enough Damian Bourne's Avatar
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    Love the biography you wrote but real life wrestling companies don't exist in the efed universe

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    Decent Member Rookie Damian Bourne will become famous soon enough Damian Bourne's Avatar
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    Damian Bourne

    WRESTLER NAME: Damian Bourne
    HOMETOWN: Gainesville, Georgia
    THEME SONG: Royal Blood - Out of the Black

    SIGNATURE MOVES(S) "The Angel of Death" End of Heartache

    FINISHERS(S) Electric Chair Half Nelson Driver


    Biography: Damian Bourne was born and raised in Gainesville, Georgia in 1985. When Damian was in high school, he found an interest in football and wrestling. Later on in his senior year he earned a scholarship for wrestling and football at the University of Michigan. He had to make the decision of which career he wanted to officially pursue, becoming a professional football superstar, or competing in pro wrestling.

    Damian would choose to go down the path of wrestling just like his father who had left at a young age. His doubts about football were the same since the start of high school, he felt he had a size disadvantage and couldn't last in the big leagues. When it came to wrestling he felt that everyone was the same size when tapping out.

    During Damian’s second year of college he would stop attending his classes to train at a VJPW dojo in Grand Rapids. At the dojo he would learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu and develop more of a “shoot” wrestling style. Damian was moved from the dojo to the VJPW junior league, he would make his first pro wrestling debut as a babyface and after two years in the company Damian would go on to win the VJPW Junior championship and turn heel after being tired of the months of disrespect the company treated him with and how underrated he was. After a title reign of only three months he would drop the title and leave the company because of a neck injury.

    Damian would make his return to wrestling in 2018, joining the GFW roster. His career in GFW wouldn't last long as he would be attacked by Aiden Steel after a match. Damian had won five matches in a row, he was also the top #1 contender for the rookie championship. After his win against Droese Demoise, Aiden Steel would run into the ring and attack Damian. Steel would grab a chair and continue to attack Damian, after medics came to roll him out on a stretcher Aiden still attacked him until being held back by security.

    Damian has come to OCW to compete with the best there is in hope that he will have a long career here...

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    Decent Member Wrestler TLBS Matteo will become famous soon enough
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    Wrestler Name: The Last Blacksmith
    Hometown: Noha, Italy
    Height: 1,77 cm
    Weight: 93 kg
    Theme song: Carnivore - Starset

    Signature moves : Blacksmith Stunner - Game Over
    Finisher move: Taste of Darkness

    Accolades: //


    The mystery characterizes its history. Officially his birth it is located on 16 March 1980 in Noha, a little City of Salento. But many things seems to not confirm that. First, his young appearance. Franco Linciano, despite what should be his age, looks like a guy that is crossing his late 20's, and the thing that he never live in a city for more than 2 years increases the curiosity around his character. His debut in wrestling happened in a little indie company.
    The ambition and the passion for the competition are the reasons that led The Last Blacksmith (this is his ring name) in the ring of the OCW, to challenge the best wrestlers in circulation and, perhaps, tell at last what his true story is.

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    Newb Rookie Leo Grimm is on a distinguished road
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    Leo Grimm

    WRESTLER NAME: Leo Grimm
    HEIGHT: 6'3
    WEIGHT: 240
    THEME SONG: undecided, using Aleister Blacks for now

    SIGNATURE MOVES(S) 1. Discus Knee (The Shroud)
    2. (Front Flip DDT) Odds and Ends

    FINISHERS(S) Bitter End (Grim Ending) I dont see it on here but it may be taken, someone said it was so I uploaded him with the Death Valley Bomb if Bitter end is open I'll claim it, if not then DVB.

    NOTABLE FUEDS: (If any, if rookie can skip) do ex wives count?

    ACCOLADEStitles held, and date, Awards, etc) I once won ugliest mustache of the year and the people's choice chicken wing winner at the command cook off

    Biography: Leo Grimm is a former Sailor who studied multiple styles from around the world while deployed and stationed overseas. When he returned from deployment he found his wife had been cheating on him the entire time. Wandering around in a daze, he followed bread crumbs to a local wrestling school and Promotion inn Fresno, CA. He has been making waves in the indy scene and plans to continue his success in the OCW. He is known to be a heel at times and use underhanded tactics to win. When questioned, he simply responds, "It's a Grimm world"
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    Useless Member Rookie Hatsukyo Gin is on a distinguished road
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    WRESTLER NAME: Hatsukyo Gin
    HOMETOWN: Kabuchiko, Japan
    HEIGHT: 5'3"
    WEIGHT: 137 lbs
    THEME SONG: Wolf Totem by The Hu

    Team Kick Combo 2 (Noshinto)
    Low Altitude Roundhouse (Nobunaga's Ambition)

    Headlock Lariat Neckbreaker 2 (Kurogane)

    Biography: Hatsukyo Gin had it all when she began in Japan. The daughter of Oyabun Gin, famed owner of O.W.R.A., she had everything to be a success. But, Hatsukyo was never the kind to rest. Never the kind to settle. And when she decided to take part in O.W.R.A. as a genuine competitor, not just as the talent manager, she thought that her pedigree would carry her to stardom. She was the Moonlight Princess, the high flying focus of the ring. That was...until the accident. A normal suicide dive. A typical suicide dive. One that was reversed, and one that drove her shoulder directly into the iron bars of the railing. She felt the snap. She bit down the scream, trying to fight her way up to a stand, to walk, to move. But it didn't happen. She dropped back to the ground, and had to be helped to the back, only to hear the news that she knew had occurred. That her arm had been shattered.

    She was told that she should never wrestle again. That she should quit. That she should just...find anything else to do. But she couldn't accept it. She could never accept that. So she accepted the surgery to fix her arm. To repair it. To bring herself back to 100%. She was told to give her body 2 years to heal. She took a year to fix herself, to get herself back to the level that she thought she should be. And the other year? The other year she spent training, teaching herself how to wrestle again. Learning how to strike with her kicks, and fixing herself to not damage her arm once more. And as the days went by, her demeanor changed as well. Gone was the happy to be there girl, who sought out talent to test herself and prove she belonged. Gone was the smiling and dancing girl. Gone was the Moonlight Princess. And now, in her place, was a cold and unfeeling machine. A machine that knew that she could be on the top of the wrestling world again. The Gold Machine had arrived.

    O.W.R.A. was never the same when she returned. The new demeanor and change extended to her brutality in her ring. Her attacks were ruthless, and when she had run out of challenges in O.W.R.A. she chose the only option available to her. Find more challenges. And OCW had that challenge. So, the Gold Machine has found a new home. Let the rise begin.

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    Newb Rookie Jacob "The Mantis" O'Grady is on a distinguished road Jacob "The Mantis" O'Grady's Avatar
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    WRESTLER NAME: Jacob "The Mantis" O'Grady
    HOMETOWN: Banbridge, County Down, Northern Ireland
    HEIGHT: 5'11.5"
    WEIGHT: 187 lbs
    THEME SONG: Morning Glory by Oasis or Movie Star 1 (in-game)

    SIGNATURE MOVES(S) Saint Patrick's Snap (Cloverleaf Breaker), Regal Cutter

    FINISHERS(S) Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald (Venus Fly-Trap)

    Biography: Jacob O'Grady has been obsessed with wrestling since childhood. His father, Sheamus "The Belfast Brawler" O'Grady, was well respected among his colleagues and was making a name for himself in the Irish indie wrestling scene. On Sheamus' first televised match, Jacob, as ever, tuned in to see his father wrestle for his chance to potentially enter the OCW developmental system, only for his opponent to throw him from the top rope all the way to the floor, over ten feet down, to land right on his head, and snap his neck in two, killing him instantly. As medical personnel carried his lifeless body away, Jacob, then thirteen years of age, looked on in abject shock and horror, and would suffer from crushing grief and mourning, from which he would never fully recover.

    Since his father's death, Jacob has, despite the numerous objections from his fearful mother, devoted his life to become his own wrestling superstar, and to succeed where Sheamus failed by entering OCW and, eventually, stand among the other legendary wrestlers that he also looked up to as a child. It would be a long, gruelling roller coaster of an adventure, with scores more downs than ups, but in keeping with his family's customs, he refused to back down and would keep training and improving himself, physically and mentally, and allow no obstacle to stand before him.
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    Useless Member Rookie Colin Locke is on a distinguished road
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    WRESTLER NAME: Colin Locke
    HOMETOWN: Manchester, UK
    HEIGHT: 5'11
    WEIGHT: 210
    THEME SONG: Colin Locke Theme (Click here to listen)

    SIGNATURE MOVES(S): Jumping Clothesline (Jumping Clothesline 2), The Kicker (Step Kick 2)

    FINISHERS(S): A Big Throw (Scoop Slam 3)

    Biography: Colin Locke is a 23-year-old storage unit worker, often tasked with opening up abandoned units and preparing the items inside for auction, and, as luck would have it, one unit contained an OCW contract. This inspired the creation of his show 'Locke and Key', in which he shows viewers the insides of lots, giving them ten seconds per show to guess what's inside, and now, as an OCW Worker, he can open up units and broadcast it to a larger audience, potentially finding useful wrestling equipment amongst the random crap. At least, that's the goal, who knows what's in these lots, and what Colin can use to promote his matches and insult his opponents as he learns how to be a wrestler, right?

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    Useless Member Rookie Marisa Welch is on a distinguished road
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    WRESTLER NAME: Marisa Welch
    HOMETOWN: Reno, Nevada
    HEIGHT: 5’5”
    WEIGHT: 134 lbs
    THEME SONG: “Just Wanna Dance” by LaToya Jackson

    SIGNATURE MOVE: Lickitty Split (impaler ddt 3)

    FINISHER: Strip Pole Stunna (fisherman buster 1)

    Marisa Welch is 28 years old and was born in Compton, California USA to a Greek mother and a Creole father. She is the middle child having a younger and an older brother. After her parents divorced when she was 8 years old Marisa would move to Reno, NV with her mother and 2 siblings. Her father become basically nonexistent in her life as he moved across the country to the east coast and was barely seen. Marisa’s relationship with her mother was also strained as she was emotionally absent due to mental health issues. Marisa feels that she had to raise herself and along with that came resentment and hardened her to the world. Growing up Marisa was always on the streets hanging with not the best crowds and even dated a few drug dealers in her teenage years which lead to a few arrests. Being that she was always beautiful and curvaceous, Marisa would use her looks and feminine ways to get out of trouble brought on by her chaotic life. Despite her rebel lifestyle Marisa would graduate high school and earn an associates degree in business at a local community college. Deciding she did not want to continue with college she would move out of her mother’s home at 21 and would begin stripping at a club in Reno called “Pinky’s Pump Palace” to support herself. In only a short time Marisa would become the most in demand dancer at the joint which resulted in a very high income for her. She would take that money and surgically enhance her already voluptuous features before moving to Las Vegas. In Vegas she would try her hand a a whole bunch of unconventional jobs like go go dancing, bartender, adult film, trainer, madame, boxing ring girl, and her most current gig as a music video vixen. After appearing in several music videos for popular Hip Hop and Rock artists Marisa would form a group with her closest exotic dancer girlfriends called the Bimbo World Order. She and her group would perform at private parties for the wealthiest of Las Vegas. Through her parties she would meet and befriend a few professional wrestlers who would urge her to get into the business because of her looks and physique. Being that she was a huge fan of wrestling’s Attitude Era growing up it was always in the back of her mind. One day one of her friends who is a model told her about a pro wrestling tryout that she was attending and invited her to tag along. Marisa obliged, went, and needless to say the tryout was for OCW! That same day Marisa was offered a developmental contract because of her presence, toughness, looks, and natural athletic ability. The rest is history. Over the last year and a half Marisa has been training extremely hard preparing for her OCW debut. She is nothing nice and ready to put the women’s division on notice! Marisa Welch only cares about herself, her vanity, men, money, success, and attention. Cut throat is an understatement when it comes to Marisa Welch.

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