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Thread: Riot 535

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    Page two, here we are!

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    Welcome to my first ever show review! I'm going to be writing as stream-of-consciousness so excuse the sudden switches in focus.

    AC Cobra Segment

    AC "Chain Wrestling" Cobra takes to the streets for some grassroots organizing around a rematch with Everrett. Should've pulled out ye ole' electric chair drop. Short and sweet segment that begs for an ironic roll-up at Consequence.

    Everrett, Green, and Minio Segment

    Everrett and Green leave Minio to be mauled by smarks and dirt sheet reporters. Pride and Light Heavyweight Championship merger teased, or possibly a three-man power trip. Nice segment showing Everrett and Minio's respect for each other.

    Leo Grimm vs. Odon Klein

    ROOKIE PYRO! I question the trash talk taunt at the beginning from Klein, does a stoic assassin talk trash? Also, on a personal note, I feel that following a reversal one should stay where they're at (i.e. not turning around to face, etc.). Seems like a better flow. However, it is a competitive game, so act how you wish within FPR I guess. WELCOME TO GRIMMCHESTER, FUCKSTICK! (might wanna remove that face gouge, neck stomp move as its already Wrex's finisher). Seeing a lot of FPR breaks (parkering, crapples, etc.) so might help to get some more practice in, particularly Grimm. Rule of thumb that works pretty well is that once you get reversed, the only button you need is the reversal button, hands off everything else. Otherwise, average match, good stuff in there.

    Golden Segment

    Nice little pre-match promo from Golden, preparing for his match with Maxwale and sympathizing with Cort as well as confronting his new attitude.

    The Trio Segment

    The Trio eat lunch while mulling over detective work. Good promo that moves the story along and focuses on certain facets of each character (do we have a complete Justin filmography?).

    K'Dangelo Segment

    Classic K'Dangelo promo, love the uniqueness of the content blended with roleplay.

    El Parca Segment

    El Parca finds himself in a bind of losing matches and disappointing his father. Good guy Doc Green keeps him from turning heel. Nice feel good segment, makes you wanna see El Parca succeed.

    TY Sparks Jr. vs. Joshua Tucker

    I won't bother re-hashing the TY Sparks criticism at this point. Sparks hits a real hesitation dropkick. Good match overall, at least it finished with Sparks actual finisher.

    Green and Harvey Segment

    Who's Soloman and when did he fight Wagner? The former water superstar mopes with Doc Green over his newly obtained self-doubt. Good prep promo for the main event, with just a touch of foreshadowing.

    Everrett Segment

    Everrett shows that he definitely (wink) doesn't care about AC Cobra. I'm interested to see how his attitude change will affect his character and ring work, and how AC Cobra will get his rematch. Nice promo.

    Lucha Party House - Hijo de Mistico vs. Aisu vs. El Parca

    Is that a AAA bell? You might wanna remove the RAW titantron Parca, it ruins my immersion. I still like Aisu's theme music. The water spray before the match was replaced with a mysterious frictionless liquid. El Parca takes a couple months off his career in a single dive. The springboard facebuster during the taunt was a great spot. The missed springboard elbow after the gamengiri was sad, but the finish kinda made up for it? Great match though, good job y'all.

    Elsa and Jehst Segment

    Jehst addresses the hole in his heart that wasn't sufficiently filled with revenge. Good promo marking an upcoming change from stardom to humbleness, but not before snubbing two movers.

    Tre Golden vs. MAXWALE

    He did in-fact go for the legs. Nice submission trading. Rather lopsided affair (MAXWALE tried to recover at the end) but enjoyable match nonetheless.

    Moore and Empress Segment

    They aren't dead, are they? Please no? Anyway, free-roaming murderers Empress and Moore bemoan their lack of popularity and lay out Plan A, B, C, D, E, etc. for taking Valkyrie's championship. Nice segment.

    Mistico and Parca Segment

    My years of mediocre Spanish education and context clues come in handy with phrases like "Open the door!" and "That's good to hear." Mistico and Parca discuss their similarities and Mistico seems to be shedding Scumceity. <Wrex didn't like that.> Good segment opening the door for a lucha tag team in the future. 'Big' Al Poling follows the segment by suggesting a wall around RIOT. Classic Al.

    Caine Segment

    I wore a wig and forgot to send my new titantron to the RIOT production truck. Sue me.

    P3 Segment

    I'm not worthy enough to review this, you'll have to see it for yourself.

    Bobby Minio vs. Antonio Everrett

    Minio greets a "handshake" from Everett with a superkick. Everett greets him right back with a jawjacker and a rest hold. Rest holds, flavor pins, and taunts, oh my! Solid MOTN candidate with good flow.

    Cohle, Quartz, Ocean, etc. Segment

    Quartz shows some concern for H2O before Wagner comes knocking. Good tensions before Consequence, the first challenge for the new unified tag team champions.

    Saturn Segment

    What did my mans do? Jesus.

    Clark Effect - Lollipop Chainshaw

    Valkyrie contemplates her parents' potential murder before walking off and leaving Angelo and Flojo to jab at each other. Flojo keeps to the oldies style like only she can while Angelo sows seeds of doubt. Does Flojo aspire to be more than a bodyguard? Good segment.

    B17, Marshall, and Ocean Segment

    B17 is sick and tired of the fans trying to fuck on him. Cort comes to knock some sense into him that the fans don't care. Doc Green's back is tired from carrying the company. Harvey Ocean just wants to quit but his contract still has time left on it. Once again, nice foreshadowing as Doc Green's attempts to revive H2O are taken the wrong way.

    H2O & Doc Green vs. B17 & Cort Marshall

    Cort Marshall displays his new found mean streak. The foreshadowing comes to a head as Harvey Ocean walks out on Doc Green. On a personal note, I question the springboard phoenix splash in Harvey Ocean's condition. Or maybe its indicative that it's all a bait. Or maybe I'm reading too much into one move. Who knows? Anyway, MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK and the Shatter Machine that I completely forgot the name of in the moment.


    Wow, it's over.

    MOTN: Bobby Minio vs. Antonio Everrett

    Personal RPOTN: Mistico and Parca Segment

    RPOTN: B17, Marshall, and Ocean Segment

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    Tyson faced Billy Saturn not you! Clear mistake on my part. Apologies.

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    Tre/Maxwale was good as was Bobby/Ev and the Lucha 3 way got better as it went on.
    Doc should really stop accepting tag matches unless Ev is his partner. He keeps getting turned on

    The cut only bummed me out because something important happened on the cutting room floor.

    There were 3 FPR breaks in the main event, unfortunately. They were all from Cort doing an extra move. He acknowledged them and they were relatively minor, but an FPR break is an FPR break.

    FPR is a babyface!


    That being said, god damn Cort knows wrestling. This was a fabulous execution of a heel turn. Same singlet to keep the identity, change to menacing colors and aggressive designs. Smarmy heel theme - Boom. Revamped movesets and taunts - Boom. Using limited in-game opportunities to be a prick.

    This guy knows how to do it, folks. Take notes.

    Shout to to Tre stealing my move in a match AND on the P3 Bonanza

    Was creeped out by how nonchalantly Valk's parents """"murder"""" was handled on this show

    from both ends. On one side, the """"murderers"""" say "we sent a message with Valk's parents, but now it's time we rough her up!" Yeah I'd say murder is a pretty clear message

    and on Valk's end, nonchalantly cutting a wrestlers babyface promo while acknowledging she still hasn't seen her parents, who again, are eluded to being dead.
    Maybe the idea was just to wrap it up and move on and maybe it's for the best, idk ,but that stuck out to me

    I also dug the Parca/Mistico RP. I was wondering how Misty was going to leave Scumciety and be the babyface he was meant to be, but this actually gives him a legitimate, wholesome reason. + Parca becoming more interesting as well. I think Parca cleared this up as well, but I hate the WWE imagery on entrances. I know there's certain times we can't help it, but entrances are one of those times where we can.

    Again, I think he fixed it
    but word to the wise fore veryone else.

    I applaud Solo + Blacksmith for being creative with their video work. The game doesn't make it easy, but the giant painted head and flashing EXTREME RULES got a chuckle from me. Should be a fun match, TLBS has kinda made those matches his thing

    In the Antonio match, while he's walking around the ring, the crowd starts to cheer "One more match! One more match!" Awesome nod to the Cobra storylineIt was a nice touch. + Right when it starts happening, you can see Boob outside looking around the arena confused and Antonio nodding. Good use/luck of in-game assets as well.

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    'Nother quick roundup here. Before anything else I wanna say... my bad on the FPR. I honestly noticed nothing other than the stomps/choke and nobody said anything in the chat so I was like OFF IT GOES. Shit happens. Will be more awake next time.

    -- AC with the grassroots fan support--better hope Jay isn't like Vince, else he's gonna end up in a storyline where Everett fucks his girl and then Telos cripples him.

    -- Bobby throwing shade, as he does best. Minio is one of those characters like Jake Roberts or Stone Cold, where he's still unstable and sketchy and intense as a face, just a bit less psycho about it.

    -- I honestly kinda wanted H2O to not abandon Doc in the ME. The stuff earlier on show paints him as such a pathetic/sympathetic character, you really wanna get behind him.

    -- Everett shitting on Cobra! He certainly has the right, but that sort of arrogance is very... well, let's just say that when you don't wear shoes, it's easy to turn on your heel.

    -- Mistico pops up for the first time in a bit, a big change in character... feels like kind of a jump, but then him being in SCUM was never really established or felt like it fit. Would be interesting to see these two help each other out. Good promo, felt realistic and heartfelt. If they were on the same console they'd be a fun tag--the foreign guys trying to prove their art far ashore angle has legs, I think. Parca is clearly a bit out of his element and feeling overwhelmed by how different everything is. Wholesome babyface fighting the odds potential!

    -- Nice editing on TLBS's goofy evil clown match announcement. I popped.

    -- Great match between Minio and Everett! I honestly expected Bobby to get fucked right up but he's improved. Was in big trouble when he was red and down on revs, but managed to get some moves through and made Ev roll out, which was the point where it became anyone's game. Very nice finishing sequence, very smooth.

    -- Why the FUCK has Billy Saturn been kidnapped and tortured with the consent of the Canadian government? This is a really... really... REAAAALLY big jump from just being "weirdo space joke guy." Like, some serious Samoa Joe "Kidnapped by Ninjas" shit. I think this is supposed to be serious, but I laughed. A lot.

    -- Flojo might have a lot of flaws... but she's quite good at talkin' mad shit. Like the kind of shit that gets you some awkward stares. As they say, the best wrestling characters are 50% yourself, right?

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