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Thread: Summercide 2019

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    Wow This PPV was very exciting to watch. I enjoyed everyone moment of it. I would do a review as well but, I feel like everything that can be said has been said and i would just be a repeat of everything all over again. But, There are a few things I would like to point out so this will be extremely short.

    All these are match related.

    Estella Vs. Blaine

    I enjoyed this match. My only problem was Blaine's outfit but, at the same time If it was to show that Blaine was not taking Estella seriously I think it played the role very well.

    Blacksmith vs. Caine Vs Archer

    This was a great match. I loved how Archer just stood outside and let Blacksmith and Caine just burn revs and energy. Great heel work. Congrates to Salami on the win.

    Uncrowned vs CQC

    This was probably the best tag match I have seen all season. I think both sides did excellent work and I loved every moment of it. Couldn't have asked for a better match.

    Spider vs Cobra

    Nothing against spider or Cobra but, I couldn't stop laughing at this match. It was a fun match to watch but, seeing spider dressed like that just kept me laughing. I think the Ex belt looks ugly but, other than that congrats spider and good luck on your rematch cobra.

    KD vs H20

    This match was surprising different than what I expected it to be. Not in a bad way just expected KD to run through H20 with ease but, This show was filled with surprises. As for H20's new look honestly I don't have much of a opinion on it but, its better than crack addict H20 after Wrestlelution.

    Wrex vs Malu

    What the hell WREX! what the Hell! Anyway...This was very exciting. Both men did an excellent job. I would love see a rematch between these two. Valk did make a comment on the Malu's running fin / not running fin thing and I agree it does look weird but, I guess if it catches people off guard and it works.

    Empress Vs Valkyrie

    I had fun with this match. Feuding against Valkyrie has been fun and I hope everyone has enjoyed the matches and the stories. Good Luck to Valk's future opponents she's pretty tough to take down. I look forward to the next season.

    Drago vs Nate

    This was one hell of a beat down fight that I'm really glad I got to watch. From what I'm aware the wake roll out isn't against FPR from what I have read in the Discord. But, I loved it I thought it was really smart move. Yes it looked weird but, I was like OHHH SHIT! when it happened.

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