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    The Mysterious Truth?

    The camera points down to steep stairway. Someone is walking up at a leisurely pace. You can tell it’s a woman judging by her nice set of “double trouble” that’s firmly fitted in her Nike Flex Fitted Crop Top that barely fits.

    A towel is draped over her head that denies the viewers the pleasure of seeing who it is. She reaches the top of the stairway and heads inside what looks to be a gym.

    The employee behind the counter looks up to address the woman who walked in.

    Excuse me, ma’am. You need to sign in please.

    This mysterious woman stops and back tracks towards the man behind the counter. She takes of the towel and reveals herself.

    The man recognizes her and stumbles on his words.

    H-He-Heath umm…Ms. Angelo! I’m-so-sorry!

    Heather looks at him intensely. But then smiles.

    Aww...bendito don’t be sorry. Where’s the clipboard for me to sign?

    Employee: There’s no need Ms. Angelo. You can proceed. Sorry I interrupted you in any way.

    Heather: Smart little man. You don’t know how much of a better day you just made for yourself.

    The employee takes in a hard swallow as Heather throws the towel over her shoulder and walks away.

    As she turns towards the gym everyone has stopped working out and was watching the scenario between her and the employee unfold.

    The f(beep)k y’all looking at!

    All the gym rats ran towards the open stairwell and out of the gym. Heather is left their by herself to workout.

    Heather watches the last person trying to run past her stumble on the floor and crawl out to the stairwell.

    So disrespectful. Not one of them said, “Excuse me.” Pfft...New Yorkers.

    Heather turns on the OCW Network on her phone to listen to the latest news, wrestler off season promos and more.

    She puts her headphones in and starts the first promo then proceeds to hop on the treadmill and start running.

    She hears one of the latest promos that was read by an undisclosed person. It was a newspaper article talking about the history of Kasstianity.

    Beads of sweat starts to form already on her nose as she develops flashbacks of her demon falling almost in love with Kassidy Hayes.

    It takes what she thought a few seconds to shake off the startling images in her mind. But it was actually an hour.

    She stops running and all the curvatures of her body was soaked.

    She turns her back towards the camera takes her towel and wiped everything down. She then lifted up her top exposing some “double trouble” in front of the employee. His eyes opened wide. She puts her top back down.

    She replays the promo to listen to the article again but this time with more control over herself. She listens to it completely and then takes her headphones off and places her phone down.

    She then wraps the towel over her head and bends over to get a breather.

    The employee walks over to give her something.

    I noticed you didn’t bring anything to drink. I brought you over a bottle of water.

    Heather snatches it from him and leans herself up to guzzle it. He walks away and Heather speaks without looking at him.

    You’re seem to be an observant man. Let me ask you some things.

    The guy stops and turns in place to keep a safe distance and listen.

    Do you believe in any history that’s written in every book or website imaginable?

    Heather: Do you believe that “The Word” that has been rewritten so many times still tells all the history in every detail?

    Heather: Mida, do you believe that if someone has the balls to write “the truth” about something that they will leave their signature, or a clue, or even a symbol perhaps that tells US who they are?

    Awkward Silence.

    You can answer now, muchacho.

    Employee: Ah, no on the first. No on the second and yes on the last.

    Heather: Very good. I’m sure you know why I asked you those questions.

    Employee: Kasstianity ma’am. It’s all over OCW news.

    Heather: I’m sure it is. Along with that shit pebble at the end of a b(beep)ches ass, Ashley Moore.

    Heather: The owner of that shit pebble, Empress.

    Heather: ...and that manipulative cunt, Valkyrie! My gut tells me she wanted all of this to happen. But I digress.

    Heather feels a familiar anger brewing so she stops to take the remaining sip of her water. She tosses the drink away and gets up to leave.

    She walked towards the employee and notices him shaking just a little bit.

    The look in your eyes wants to know what I am going to do next. Not even an observer like you will ever know what my next move will be.

    Heather: But I will tell people the missing piece of history that article casually omitted. How I’m going to tell it will remain a mystery.

    As Heather walks towards the stairwell the employee finally exhales and relaxes himself knowing she left the building.

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