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Thread: Turmoil 239

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    Correct version of Main Event is Uploaded... going to work now.

    15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree
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    Show starts with Jackson Montgomery talking about the match he had against Joopiter. And this is possibly leading to a storyline of some sort. It will be interesting to see how this plays out since both are great roleplayers with interesting characters

    Noblewoman Zoe vs Soccer Mom Heather

    I really like Zoe’s look and theme song, even though I would probably ditch the Paige trunks and try something different (Lacey Evans or Dakota Kai, full black) as they are more gothic looking if that makes any sense. Either way the match was good and it told a good story. Both handlers play chill and it shows on the overall quality of it. Cool reversals exchange at 10.40 then Zoe kicks out of a finisher, goes for an OMG but then she loses to the Fallen Angel. Solid win for Heather but Zoe is still stepping up as a character

    The Empress x B17 RP was useful to set the hierarchy straight within Kasstianity and it was also a nice opportunity to show more depth to their characters

    Caine Vs Moore
    Not much to say about this one. Congrats to Caine for getting better on the sticks I guess. Solid win and keeps the momentum going in the anniversary show

    Character Development RP for Heather as she shows her motivations to fight against Kasstianity. I really appreciate the consistency with the character as Heather always gets her story going whether she loses or wins and it helps in writing an engaging character arch and get people invested in it. Many should learn from this

    Cort is looking for a partner in his fight against the Kasstianity minions. It was a funny read because Cort has been evil lately but since he is fighting the Darth Vader of OCW he comes off as less evil than what he actually is.

    Joopiter answers back to the opening RP. I like the character even though he doesn't get as much exposure as he deserves. I could see him working even better as a comedy heel but I still enjoy his current gimmick

    Tucker vs Maxx Edwards

    Very entertaining match against two upcoming Rookies. Good back and forth. Tucker gets kinda buried at the end but hopefully he will get his revenge soon. Good to see Benjamin Moore back in the mix as well.

    I liked the Blaine x Flojo interview even though I am not too sold on using shoot terms such as “bumps”. It’s a minor thing but you don’t hear it on TV. Either way it was a good RP to hype up the main event

    The Parca Wrex video content was simple and straight to the point but put together well at the same time. I feel like Parca has definitely stepped up his game and benefited a lot from this exposure. Regardless of what may or may not happen at Anniversary he will definetely be a top player from here on now.

    Tag Match

    Not much to say about this as it was probably the shortest tag match I’ve seen in a while, but it was played according to their characters alignment so it’s good. Leo Grimm decides he won't tag Cort in and he ends up paying for it.

    Nice follow up for Grimm and Parker as they argue over the mask. It will be interesting to see where this goes from here.
    As for Cort I feel like its story arch is unique as he is pretty much the Ashley Moore of the males aka the underdog versus the evil forces of the spookiness

    The TLB skit was simple and to the point. Kinda wished Code was there too but he had IRL things going so I understand.

    Tre Golden vs Ai

    I think Aisu is the best looking caw out of Zoe and Rust. Sometimes people do crazy stuff with their attires but forget that wrestlers actually keep things super simple and to the point. That's why I like him so much, he really has that realistic look in his attire. I legit thought Aisu was going to win it when he had Tre in the submission but it didn't happen and Tre somehow managed to turn things around and win out of the most awkward bump reset I've ever seen.

    Don’t know what to say about the Uncrown RP. It serves its purpose of hyping up their match.

    The CQC RP was an interesting way to sum up all of their story and the way they are going to walk in the Anniversary show. I want them to lose purely because I think it will cool to see a Quartz and Rust feud and also because the PS4 scene could use more main eventers.

    Interesting developments the Archers Watts story. I hope Danny has learned something from this interaction and that he can step up as a rookie in the future, regardless of what happens at the PPV.

    I liked this Troupe RP because unlike many others this actually has some sort of storyline development in it and mentions other people outside of their stable which is good because it helps in getting them involved in the bigger scheme. As I mentioned I don’t particularly like the use of shoot terms like “heel” but other than that it was very good.

    Main Event

    Very good match, I really enjoyed it throughourly. Flojo got some big strength since she was able to lift her opportent as if was nothing. Kinda wished the table spot actually happened but it didn't. Flojo managed to keep the damage equal and even hit a finisher of her own. Good back and forth at the end, Flojo somehow missed the major and the reversal and dies. GG to both

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    And dies.

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    Nathan Carter vs Jurassic Parker 2: The Lost Wood- Nathan Carter.
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    We are back at it ladies and gentlemen the Turmoil right before Anni 15. Let's see what people bring to the party before the big night.

    Jackmo RP -
    I love this promo from Jackson. Very solid opening to the show and It's a very well written face promo with a little comedy. I look forward to seeing Jackmo against Joopiter again good job.

    Zoe vs Heather Match -
    First off I will have to agree I do enjoy Zoe's Music it's a very evil villainess type song. I'm not sure if she's supposed to be a heel but, her music sounds very heelish to me. Second black bars really? Anywho loved the start to this match something about the first moves being a nice lock up always looks good. Obviously, it shouldn't and can't be done all the time but it's a good opening. Decent match the best moments of this match for me was Heather repeating the same taught Zoe did and punching her back right before attempting a possible full nelson slam? Zoe put up a good match. Well done to both of them.

    Caine vs Benji Moore RP -
    I'm not sure if I'm just now noticing this but, BENJI FINALLY GOT RID OF THE WWE LOGO! OMG!! it's about time. That's the step in the right direction. I guess he also got rid of his escorts as well which is fine they were just getting in the way. Good start to the match no fucking around with a nice mix up by Caine. I loved the rebound into the spine buster. And don't get me started on those slaps from Benji to Caine's pale pasty skin it was one of the moments I wished bruises were a bigger factor in-game. Love the turn pad removal heel tactics by Benji but, sadly his own gloating cost him the match. Caine picks up a solid win only to be interrupted by the slowest run-in and attack I have ever seen. You can see the look on Caine's face like dood you started running down here when the match started and just got here. Lee with the most out of breath #D.B.V (brogue kick) ever.

    Heather RP -
    Damn good promo by Heather. Calling Valk out and labeling her a phony. That some deep cutting words. But, can anything Heather say be true or is it all just jealousy. She has nothing to back up any of these claims. Seems to me Valk living the life Heather took for grated is eating away at her.

    Cort Rp-
    I loved this promo. As Cort is trying his most damn just to get someone team with him for one night but, having burned almost every bridge in ocw makes the job difficult. This was great writing and a job well done. I loved him pointing out everyone just accepting a cult taking over like its an invasion of the body snitchers or something.

    TMCJ RP -
    Okay this makes Jackmo's Rp make a little more sense. I figured I missed something from the Promo room. But, just a mix up in layout. Anywho TMCJ gives no fucks it seems as he's on a hell-bent mission to show the world who Jackson really is. I was expecting TMCJ vs Jackson to be a one and done but, I'm excited to see where this goes.

    Edwards vs Tucker -
    First I would like to say Maybe it's just me and I'm not sure if this entrance is being used but, I can see Maxx using the Stunning Steve Austin entrance. I'm not even sure if that's still in the game but, just a thought. Both men have been informed on a couple of tweaks they could make to improve the looks of there caws which aren't bad but could use a little touch-up. This match wasn't bad Edwards is showing he can have a very good match my only suggestion add a couple of pins in. I know it sucks that it gives your opponent moment but, its when you do your sig then just walk away and taught kinda makes your sig look pointless and of course, there are exceptions to this. Tucker did his best but, it seem as if Edwards had the upper hand most of the match.

    Benji and Maxx Rp -
    Poor Tucker can't catch a break. Geez. Do we have a new heel Tag team of Benji and Maxx forming? But then again this could also sound like some kind of faction making its way out of the shadows. Hmm?

    Blaine and Flojo Rp-
    This was probably the best promo I have seen from flojo my entire time here. I'm happy to see Blaine pointing out she was out injured and still somehow coming back without being completely cleared and kicking ass. I wish we would have gotten a little more back and forth from Blaine but, I really did enjoy this and happy to see Flojo pushing forward to something. Keep it up.

    Jehst and Sparks RP -
    I'll be honest I had no idea where this was going when this feud first started but, I am super stoked to see this match. I voted for Jehst to be a break out star this year and so far I am happy with where this story is going. It sucks that he has to lose to Sparks because well Sparks is just so much better. But, maybe if Jehst is nice enough and apologizes we will let him join Kasstainity. I'm gonna have to watch this E! channel special.

    Cort and Leo Grimm vs Lost Boys -
    Okay without seeing the match yet so far this was horribly edited together. TY's outfit changes from the entrance to the match and at the ending of the match and Come on guys what's with the box video? Also, I'm writing this before getting to read why if there is a reason why. But, why did Grimm team with Cort? Did I miss something? Cort had a nice rp about trying to find a partner and now he just has a partner. Okay, Let's get the match. TY was pretty much the MVP of this match with Elliot getting a couple of hits but it was mostly TY's Game. Grimm did the best that he could be it shows he could use a little more practice, especially when playing in a tag match. This match was just an ass whopping for Grimm who was unable to get his partner back in the game. Lost boys pulled a Uncrowned beat down on Grimm.

    After match video was what I expected from the Lucha party beat down on riot. I glad to see the idea was used just sucks Grimm looked like a pushover during the match. Live to fight another day.

    Tucker Rp -
    Looks like Tucker has his eyes set on Reese being the mastermind behind his brutal attack. Reese a MasterMind? I don't know but, I guess anything is possible.

    Grimm and Cort RP -
    Okay, so this RP gives a little more explanation as to why Grimm showed up. Grimm speaking in random riddles again. Maybe its time to change up tactics Grimm. On the other hand, Cort showing his frustration with Grimm not being a team player. I'm surprised to see Cort didn't attack Grimm after making him lose but maybe that's for the best. Could we soon see a Jehst and Cort team up? and If so will they be able to take down the lost boys? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z..

    Wrex Video Rp -
    God Damn it Wrex! you too with the black bars? Anyway love Wrex's music and Happy to see Mr. Turmoil on the show. Small note put a black background or something for the text font because the lettering gets lost in the scene otherwise making it hard to read. Other than that I love when segments run like a segment. I know it can be time-consuming but, it looks good and feels like a real show when it's down. But I also know this can't be done for every segment due to game limitations.

    TLB RP -
    This just felt like a typical TLB promo just without a video nothing has really changed. Well, hopefully, this match turns out good. My interest levels aren't high we haven't heard much from TLB or Code so we will see what happens.

    Uncrowned RP -
    This was more like an Uncrowned RP to me. This gets me excited for an Uncrowned match, not the bro stuff. So happy to see it back. This will be one hell of a match between these two groups. Can't wait.

    Tre Golden vs Aisu Match -
    This was a pretty damn good match. I didn't think Tre was going to pull this one off at first but he proved me wrong. The ending had some kind of weird reset bump but it didn't change how I felt about the match. Aisu looks to be a possible killing machine wouldn't mind seeing him and archer go at it.

    CQC rp-
    This was an amazing promo by rust and quartz. I love the detail in the backstory and how they just wanted to be taken seriously by ryu. This is great story telling and awesome work. CQC isn't just settings the bar they are The Bar!

    Archer and Danny RP-
    This was a decent RP build from Archer and Danny. Archer showing himself to be an evil genius when picking apart his opponent. This could end up being a really good match.

    Troupe RP-
    This was a very good RP. I love the troupe is trying to go at taking down kasstianity From a different angle versus a lot of the other anti-kasstianity feuds. Even though the troupe is a stupid tree hugging hippie idiots that smell like they have no idea what soap and water is...I forgot where I was going at with this. But shut the hell up troupe.

    Blaine vs Flojo-
    What a hell of a match this watch. I seriously thought flojo was gonna win this match but Blaine wouldn't go down easy. I will admit flojo spinning Blaine around looked a bit goofy. Also maybe it's just me but I find the music with the commentary to be a bit distracting. I have nothing against the music but for a main event or anything with commentary my suggestion is leave out the music. But I might be alone in that thought. Congrats to both women it was an amazing fight that could have gone either way. But Blaine wanted to get her revenge on Valk. I can see flojo easily being a number one contender following this showing.

    Valk and Ashley Rp-
    Is Valk really held against her will or is all this just mind games. Ashley putting a lot on the line to save someone she was trying to get fired. It's gonna be a real shame when she loses and at least she will have something to tell her parents who are rotting away in a prison that she is not my bitch and probably the only thing anyone will ever consider an accomplishment in her life. Remember Valk we are a family now and family doesn't turn on family. Good build I looking forward to seeing Blaine vs Valk round 2.

    That Anni hype is real. See you all then.

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    I was so blasted editing the match I didn't notice the attire lol, though I did ask if Sparks had the current attire up. He said yes so I was like aight that's what's going in. The bars are because I didn't use highlight reel, I just recorded the end in a lobby and slapped bars over the stat bar.

    Also the last shows Cort had come to Grimm bothering him about being attacked, Grimm gets pissed Elliot's wearing a mask but refuses to help Cort. Twas supposed to be a surprise save, like he comes out and oh shit he actually is gonna help just to get at Parker. But they didn't write what I told them to write on the card, so instead of being booked as a handicap, it got written as a tag with Leo's name on, then on the show it's listed as mystery opponents even though Sparks and Parker literally challenged me last show.

    Anyway. Messier than I intended. It happens. I get lazy with editing if near deadline because I really dislike doing highlight reel video work, but wanted the visual of him sitting up like Taker. Next time will actually take the proper time.

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    Very solid end to the QOCW tournament. Proud of everyone who competed, fugn drama free its been a long time since we had that with any tourny. The commentary was a nice surprise, very very good job guys.

    Heading into 15 years damn strong.

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