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    Newb Rookie Colin Locke will become famous soon enough
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    - That Parca match would've been a fun time to open the show, but I do wanna know where this storyline's going, I have a feeling this'll get more interesting in hindsight after the title match this Friday, so solid stuff.

    - Jehst and Cort segment, this was nice, light hearted, showed the characters a bit and didn't overstay its welcome, I liked it. I do feel like it might be brewing up some tension between the two, but we'll see how they deal with that in future.

    - Tag Match. At about seven minutes in, one of the guys pays tribute to the best scoop slam in OCW, I always welcome that kind of stuff. As others said, it was fairly slow, methodical, maybe, but I reckon The Wrestling Club will do some really cool stuff when they can properly zero in on their characters in ring, I really wanna see them look like technical masters of strategy, that will be fun to see.

    - I am not entirely sure how I feel about a dead baby storyline. I missed a few steps in this story, so I can't really comment one way or another if it's being done well, but this promo worked, Stacy's line was funny, and development happened, let's see it play out.

    - Marisa and the Jobber. I'll be honest, I'm not a massive fan of the 'silent subtitles over a 2k19 cutscene' format, it could've done without the Michael Cole sample, but jesus christ, that cheering was spectacular. It got to the point, I wanna see more of the character, did its job, solid stuff.

    - KD, now this is a promo format I like, I like the character, it was acted well, I'm getting into the sissy meme and this promo made me want to fight KD, did exactly what it should, ace.

    - Promo with loads of people. I always like seeing stuff like this happen, develops characters beyond 'rargh I fight you now', and I can immediately tell that I like Everett and hate H20, clear character stuff, love to see it.

    - Terra, evil heel with an eco twist, interesting stuff. Toed the line between substantial and purple-prose bullshit well, and I hope they keep handling this balance well, it'll serve them in future.

    - Intergender fight. Evelyn looked good here, I'm wondering how/if she'll fit into the women's division after cleanly being Jordan, if Jordan's got a decent in character power level, and I do reckon Jordan might have some recovering to do, but enjoyable stuff and a good win, I like it.

    - Pugh getting lost, I love stupid stuff like this.

    -Franklin, I still maintain that his gimmick has to be that he took a nasty bump in training and dreamt of rising to the top of and falling from grace from a promo his concussed brain invented; WWE. He must reconcile his concussion dream abilities with his real life abilities, this is some Assassin's Creed storytelling right here. Writes itself, thank me later. He clearly worked hard on this, let's make sure it's put to good use.

    - Multiman promo, Mr 17, easy shot, but well taken and a fun time for all. More character development, let's see where it goes, I'm having a nice introduction to a few characters here.

    - Female multiman, great first spot. Great entrance theme choices, too. Nice ending, and I think the two wearing matching outfits need a storyline, it'd be a great hook for a rivalry as long as they didn't go too 'stereotypical female rivalry' with it.

    - Ayy, Locke & Key, I did this. Parca was a great sport when being railroaded through my absurd Storage Hunters Firefly Fun House thing, had lots of fun writing this.

    - I love the idea of a po faced 'This fed is shit and I am the not shit thing you need' promo coming right after mine, what a mood whiplash. Whenever I see these promos, I really hope the person behind them has some monstrous writing skills so that when they lose, they can have a real character arc that justifies the arrogant first promo. Issue with these promos is that when you lose, if your gimmick is that you're great, you now have no gimmick, and that's a tough spot to be in. But let's see how it plays out, hoping for some good writing coming from here.

    - The millionaire promo and the Solomon promos were both good connecting segments, short, sweet, and Elliot likes mashed potatoes, hopefully he'll have a PPV entrance to the Bodger and Badger theme at some point.

    - Title match. Oh christ, this was fun. Doc's theme is top tier, the guy feels important, and Ty got me rooting for him, great work. He looked strong, and lost nothing in defeat, it works so well this match could've been predetermined, it'll serve some good storylines in future.

    - Flojo and Ashley, nice interaction, I just like interactions happening, it opens up the scope of every story.

    - The handicap match. I'm gonna be honest with you guys, I'm not sure if there's a meme I'm not in on yet.

    - Next video promo, I can't actually watch this in the UK. Moving swiftly on.

    - Weigh in promo, nice, Nate promo, solid, I really wanna see Dominion get their arses kicked and progress this story.

    - Subtitle cutscene promo, I wanna see what happens if these guys tried to voice these promos. I reckon it'd end in some really memorable moments, but this was still fine, nice development between the two characters, this should end up in a solid match.

    - DOC Promo. Man. I would really love to write with this guy, this stuff it good.

    - Pugh vs Ryu, I missed this live, so I can't buy into the sudden death hype like I'd really like to, but good match. I feel like at the end, I could see Ryu's player going 'ah fuck he's in the corner what now', so I felt a bit bad for him, but good stuff overall, I had fun here.

    - I, er, remain unconvinced about this dead children storyline. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, I think with some self awareness (which I'm starting to see creep in), it could be solid, but we'll see that as it develops, I'll probably keep with this story and see what happens.

    - Rust vs KD. Watching this makes me realise how much my guy looks like a pile of fuckin lego bricks in the ring, this stuff's smooth, the awkward moments are kept to a minimum, and the characters are clear, really cool stuff. KD looks great ragdolling Rust around, but the tapout? Christ. I wanna see where these characters go from here.

    - Ayy, tournament time, that's gonna be exciting.

    All in all, good show, glad I caught some of it live!

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    Well heres the thing, i didnt even think about attempting a fin till we were both orange and at the start he was wasting his revs and we were beating the shit out of him. It was looking bad but as rust said, he turned it around, got smarter and then was the first one to hit a fin.

    Handi with tags is just a 1v1 unless the handicapped is playing poorly, wasting revs and letting the team be a team. Nate stopped reving everything and started winning the resets. Also he isnt just the goat rust, he gtgoat, great then greatest of all time.

    H20 is also very well known for mostly not being good in tags lol. Cqc vs me in a handi was no tags and to make it as long as it was, i kicked out of 2 fins and punched them both in the dick; which none of you saw as it was edited wonderfully into more of a segment.

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    I think the Parca vs Archer match wouldíve been I great way to start off the season but the outcome we got was still alright. Will be nice to see how it pans out considering Danny is in the 4 way on Turmoil

    I enjoyed the Wrestling Clubís entrance and how they were talking during it. The match itself was fine... I feel like the Wrestling Club will be a prominent tag team once they get better on the sticks.

    A nice segment by Marisa, one of the many rookies that submitted video work tonight and I love it.

    The inter gender match was fun. Out of the norm... and the clash of styles made for a solid match.

    Franklinís video was well put together the only part holding it down was the fact that it featured WWE superstars (which I heard he was told wouldnít go over well) but an A for effort.

    I enjoyed watching the Womenís match because even though it was a 4 man it wasnít much of a cluster besides a few breaks which are bound to happen in these type of matches. The beginning spot also added a very nice touch to the overall feel of the match. I also like the new look of Terra.

    The Tyler walker video was nice. The aspects that Franklinís lacked Tylerís had and it made me want to see more of him so nice work.

    Doc is always fun to play against. I really enjoyed playing this match.

    That handicapped match was VERY close. I almost thought Nate was actually gonna win but Kass and Harvey barely picked up the win in a very good and intriguing match.

    Maniks video promo was a nice way of setting up his character and showing what heís about.

    The Real Main Event was a very fun and intense match and because I watched it on the premiere it made it even more intense given the sudden death rules. Enjoyed it very much... was fun.

    JEHSTíS SUIT IS AMAZING and Jehst saying his booty pops in those shorts popped me. Also Tre va Jehst should be a very nice match, looking forward to it.

    I LOVE KDíS NEW LOOK! This was a very solid match but Rust had the upper hand for the majority of the match. Very Fun Very nice


    To conclude, I really enjoyed the show. It was a nice welcome into the new season and I canít wait for what Turmoil has to offer.

    Thank you for listening to my TED Talk.

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