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    Season 16 - Patch Notes FUGU.16 v1.5 (2/8/2021)

    Hey you.

    If you're reading this, you will be expected to understand these additions. These will be promptly added to the handbook and are in full effect as of right now. Please make sure you're familiar with these new rules and lets have as just as good a transition as we did with the last rules patch


    All matches that end in pinfall or submission are now always going to be contested under SUDDEN DEATH RULES.

    This means that you can end the match at any time via pinfall. You do not need to hit a finisher first. Everyone knows what Sudden Death is. A couple of things:

    1. Your opponent still must have one RED body part and one YELLOW body part (or just one RED body part in a multiman match) in order to execute a finishing move.

    2. Sudden Death only applies to pinfalls. You still cannot submit your opponent until after an impact finisher has been hit.

    3. OMG moments are subject to the same rules as submissions, you may not finish a match with an OMG moment unless a finisher has already been hit.

    *This is in place to keep folks from just hitting an OMG as soon as their opponent hits orange and pinning off that.

    GIMMICK MATCHES such as Ladder, Table, TLC, or Cage will still be subject to the same rules as before UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE BY STAFF.

    Enjoy, and don't be a dick. Ask staff questions if you're uncertain on anything.


    Corner-seated moves will now be considered GROUND MOVES

    This means that you get three weak strikes (stomps) or one strong strike/grapple when your opponent is down in the corner. Previously, this was considered still in the corner. Not anymore. If they're ever seated in the corner, they are considered GROUNDED. A simple change, so should be easy to correct.



    The no-pickup fin/sig rule is going to be removed on a trial basis. You can now hit a finisher after picking someone up, giving you another option in addition to wakeups/reversals.

    This was a legacy rule that has outlived it's usefulness and isn't really necessary anymore.

    We do not anticipate this will be a huge deal, but this will keep us from having those "WTF" moments when a wrestler lifts his/her opponent up and then their opponent doesn't have to worry about being hit with a finisher. Now, you have to stay on your toes no matter the situation.

    We are going to monitor this, much like we did with Sudden Death in the previous patch and if it is shown to be an issue, it will be reverted back to the old rule.

    Thanks, everyone.
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