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    Riot 565 Unseen Footage!

    H2O and the OCW Light Heavyweight Champion DOC are seen walking with each other backstage celebrating and discussing their spots in the match versus The Wrestling Club.

    The unlikely duo did it again tonight for the millions...and millÖ

    DOC chuckles.

    Still calling it unlikely, bro?

    H2O: They are! Let them keep thinking that.

    ???: Harvey!

    After DOC and H2O get a good laugh in, a voice of familiarity catches them by surprise.


    As Valkyrie walks up H2O gives her a hug.

    Hey Harvey! Hey DOC! You guys looked great out there tonight. Harvey, you always have a way of bouncing back after a tough loss.

    Valkyrie: You too, DOC! The NEW OCW Light Heavyweight Champion once again!

    DOC: You know how it is, winning a title isnít half as hard as defending one.

    H2O: Thank you Valk. Iím just glad that fire didnít burn my hair. Took a long time for me to let it grow back.

    DOC and Valk chuckles.

    Hey, I never got the chance to thank you for helping me against The Last Blacksmith. I appreciate it very much. Itís safe to say that we reconciled our differences?

    Valkyrie: Differences? Look, I donít even remember ever disagreeing with you. Iíll be honest, my main goal was to mess up with Horsey Ďcause heís been talking way too much trash lately. Saving you in the process was the icing on the cake.

    Harvey puts one arm around Valkyrie and the other around DOC, who reluctantly accepts the gesture.

    You see that! We all had our differences with one another but itís now all...water under the bridge with three of the hottest talents OCW has to offer!

    Valkyrie nods in agreement as DOC releases himself from the grip.

    Iím a firm believer that iron sharpens iron, and who you surround yourself with can make all the difference when you want to stay on top of your game. Anyway, Valk, whatís this about you and Terra then, only been back a few weeks and you still canít catch a break, eh?

    Valkyrie: Lord only knows whatís going inside that head of hers. That was 59.99$ worth of money that she literally burnt away on live TV as if it was nothing! Despicable! However tonight, I must focus on La Mujera Obscura. I do not have time for Terraís mind games right now.

    H2O: None of these women are the same. After you left they all have changed one way or another. Just watch your back.

    Valkyrie: Oh I sure will. But donít worry about that. You guys should only worry about celebrating. You have earned it.

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