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    OCWFED.com Exclusive Update: The Mantis' Future Uncertain?


    Following the events of the Turmoil show last night, controversy and confusion reign supreme, and nowhere were those more prevalent than after the match between The Mantis and Just Derek.

    As we recall from last week's Riot show, The Mantis had arrived at Madison Square Garden in order to compete against Danny Watts, but was then suddenly attacked by Just Derek in the venue's parking bay, culminating in The Mantis being thrown into the windshield of the very limousine he had used to arrive there, resulting in the match being declared a no-contest in favour of Danny Watts.

    Following Derek's attack, The Mantis was transported to a medical facility in Brooklyn where he underwent surgery to remove over fifty separate pieces of glass from his back. The Mantis was then declared medically sound to compete in the Turmoil match against Just Derek less than 48 hours before showtime, which some in the community argue had played a factor in The Mantis' landslide loss to Derek last night. Spectators at the show last night reported The Mantis looking especially pale and ashen, and perhaps not in full control of his faculties.

    Another point of contention is that no official statement had been made regarding The Mantis' condition or recovery at any point leading up to the Turmoil show, save for a short video testimony from the man himself that he uploaded to social media two weeks ago. Some are perceiving this as a lack of foresightedness on the part of OCW management and questions as to why the match was ever allowed to go ahead, or at the least, have been delayed to allow The Mantis more much-needed recovery time.

    Since last night's Turmoil show, we have received word that The Mantis has been readmitted to a local medical facility for treatment of as of yet unknown injuries sustained in the aforementioned match. It is unclear whether any charges against Just Derek have been or will be filed.

    We have attempted to reach all relevant parties to give their thoughts on this story, including several prominent members of OCW management and other Superstars, as well as The Last Blacksmith who has been acting as a mentor of sorts to The Mantis for several weeks prior. All were unavailable for comment.

    With all this in mind, one does have to wonder if the well-being of their Superstars, especially their aspiring young talent, is truly at the forefront of OCW's thinking, or if they are simply pawns in the great game of sports entertainment, where their sacrifice is merely par for the course. We will keep you informed of any new developments as and when they become available.

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