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Thread: Summercide 2021

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    I'm gonna try a full review of the videos and my favourite RPs, oh jesus

    Tag Team Title Match

    In terms of story, this match was always un-ruinable because every result can have stories coming from it. Mark Reese still has Parca to beat cleanly, and could've fought for the world title if he'd have lost the title, but as he's kept it, you get the in-fighting between Christian and The Artist Formerly Known As Wrex while Reese and Aisu get to continue the tag team reign, I really like the result. The match itself, solid, a good display of tag wrestling. I do think it's a bizarre call, both in and out of character, to have Ross soaking up the damage, and Christian not being asked to break the pin up, however, I'm not sure this match needed to be much longer. Short for a match with this many people in, relatively sweet, good job all.

    Summer Adventure Videos + RPs

    There's so much to unpack here. I enjoyed the general insanity and absurd nature of the videos, in the text, Hootsneyland just broke me more than it ever should have, I was dying, and considering this all served Emp's retirement, I loved how this brought some fun into what was, honestly, a really sad night towards the end. Well paced in general, I had fun with it.

    Colby vs Telos

    Now, I have to be honest. I think I was more invested in the incredible side plot of Thomas Archer being dead outside the ring than the actual match that was happening in front of me. Match wasn't bad by any means, I just think the Archer thing became a key aspect of it, I thought it was really creative, and in the ring, I'm interested in what Colby's doing, I think I need a bit more time to get to know Telos and what he's all about, and yeah, looking forward to seeing what both do in future. I am also really interested in the dead Archer story, I hope he gets well soon, or at least has a hell of a retirement match if he's gonna take a break with injuries.

    Hunter Promo

    He's calling out Davy Jones. The promo itself, fairly standard, but it didn't outstay its welcome, it had a point, and yeah, hopefully this story plays out and Hunter sticks around, I remember him being decent at the game, and hopefully the story can live up to that.

    Tucker vs Maxx

    This match was mental. The Simpsons' 'I'm gonna start kicking the air, and if you get hit, it's your own fault' felt relevant at several points, I still can't decide whether or not Tucker letting Maxx out of a pin he didn't kick out of was a good idea or not, but yeah. This match would've had to be an instant classic to live up to the promos that led to this match, so I can't complain too much, I loved the segments, and while it was a bit rough around the edges, it was a solid match that went for a regular length of time and it was a lot of fun to watch in the viewing party.

    Iceman Interview

    I agree that this needed some editing, but there's a definite charm to Iceman's manic energy, and if he's bringing in a multiple personality aspect, I'm all for it as long as it's a bit clearer. I think it'll be interesting seeing a feud using Marisa as a MacGuffin, as she is one of the strongest characters here in her own right, so this story has the potential for some twists and turns, maybe Marisa gets rid of Asher and the feud becomes more to do with Asher being pissed off that Nate ruined his relationship, or something, who knows. I'm game for this story already, let's see what happens.

    Christian and Ross promo

    I enjoyed this RP. I do think that the 'Recognise El Primero' stuff has a definite sell-by date if Christian wants to make an impact on his own, but he writes well, and he bounced off of Ross brilliantly. I like how Ross seems a bit more of a mercenary, he's just paid to be there, he doesn't 'recognise', or what have you, and I think this has brought a brilliant dynamic into DDE. Now we know without a doubt that it's 100% about the money, and the personal relationships are secondary, Ross becomes a bit of a wild card, and if he beats Christian in a one on one sometime, I'll be interested to see how that affects the Christian/Parca relationship.

    Mugen vs Cort

    This, for me, was the ultimate viewing party match. It was crazy, so much stuff was happening, things were botched, fun moments appeared naturally, like Cort flailing his legs, and this made the well executed spots (when they happened) a lot more enjoyable for it. The near falls were legitimately tense, Cort looked great, this match felt like everything I want a Mugen match to be, just a really fun time, and a brilliantly booked match to work with the ongoing global situation that stopped the previously booked match from happening.

    John vs H20

    I have two main thoughts about this. One of them's very much in-character, the other is a sweaty meta nightmare, so I'll put them in two sectionss, so if you wanna skip the boring metagame crap, you can.

    --- good in character story things

    In character, we saw John, who always presented himself as a big heel, bragging about his dirty wins, get torn to pieces clean. Not only that, we saw the character visibly panic and be punished for it. I really hope that this can be reflected in story, because, booking wise, you couldn't have ended Carter's reign better. I'm not sure I'd have wanted him to have the 'damn, I fight good, but you fight gooder let's shake hands' title change, he's been a real bastard to Chris Greene, he's let things get to his head, and I hope John can write a good frustration/redemption arc here, it's got so much potential. Also, I love watching H20 play, he's a strategy masterclass, but the meta nerd stuff comes later.

    --- sweaty metalgame nerd crap

    In terms of the game itself, this match just made me think, it's definitely time for John to retire the running knee. In the podcast, Jake mentioned that this match exposed John Carter, and I think that's both in and out of character. H20 came at him with everything he had, chaining combos, and when John started panicking and running, H20 seemed to take that as permission to do the same thing himself (which I agree with, I've done similar in matches with excessive running), and he was quicker to the punch on everything. John fights with a similar kind of strategy to Parca, but unlike Parca, he didn't adapt when he was faced with a counterplay. For me, the tension of this match came from 'Will John hit an unblockable running knee out of nowhere after being outplayed', rather than 'Will he outplay H20', and for me, that's a shame, as John is genuinely a good player, and we've seen that he can put work in on the character front. I think he'd have an easier time rebuilding if he used that signature Electric Chair as a finisher and let the knee take a backseat for a bit, so we can see him stand and wrestle, rather than panic and sprint. I think this period of rebuilding will be more important than his actual title reign, so I hope he improves in all ways and comes back stronger from this match with a different approach, rather than coming back to do the same thing and get the same reactions.

    OCW studios

    I'm glad people loved this, and I'm looking forward to being on camera as OCW's disgruntled music producer, so yeah, new video format, everyone get their wrestlers into the OCW studios.

    P3 Bonanza

    I loved this, I really did. I mentioned Hootsney World before, but this segment had a perfect mixture of absurdist comedy and genuine emotion behind it, just like the videos. I think people who've been around longer than I have have already said how great Emp is, and put it far better than I could have, but yeah, there's something about this promo that got me rereading it over and over again. Really well done, amazing stuff, the pictures were fantastic, and Hootsney World is definitely the silliest thing I've laughed at on this site.

    Parca vs Tony

    This was a fantastic match, all in all. Parca getting thrown through the barricade, the repeated drains to zero reversals, the finisher kickout, it was everything a world title match should be, and it's exactly the kind of match we expected these two to have. Top level play by both, and Tony got the sort of title defense that will really solidify him as champion. I can't wait to see who he fights next, and I feel like Parca still has momentum and could potentially challenge again for a world title later down the line, so yeah, great match, great result. This will, no doubt, add some complications to the DDE storyline, and it'll also give some more fuel to Dominion, as they're clearly not done yet.

    Dragana vs EMP

    This match is inseparable from the story. This is one of my favourite things I've seen here because it wasn't overshadowed by any means, and the match didn't take on a life of its own. It was a really good match that, in context, became a really important match, despite the outcome clearly being the title being handed over via cash-in. It was great in the viewing party, as I feel like we were all watching with this sort of bittersweet interest, and that made it so easy to play along, as while it felt obvious where the title would end up, getting to see whether or not Emp wins her last match here, potentially ever, gave it far higher stakes than just being for the title. I will never not enjoy Emp's sigs and finishers, and the final pin felt monumental, without getting overdramatic on things. I loved this, I really did. The retirement wasn't too much, it was perfectly done, and the cashin was well executed. Big moment for the women's division, and I can't wait to see more.

    Also, La Hamburglar, fuck, my sides.


    Night 2

    Colin vs Tre

    Jesus that crowd counts fast. Gotta thank Tre for working with me here, I really enjoyed the match, really enjoyed the story, he was fantastic to work with, and I really enjoyed the booking leading up to this storyline with the tag matches, the Quartz match, so yeah, thanks to everyone involved in that! Also, thanks to the commentary team, that call on the finish is the kind of thing that makes me love this place, feels really good to hear matches being called that brilliantly.

    Pirate times

    ARRR. Yeah, looks like Davy Jones is a demon form rather than a guy, so I'm really excited to see more. Everyone loved Rated Arrr Superstar, including me, and I hope I'd get to see him with all the pirate-y stuff going on round here.

    Triple Threat Match

    Oh jesus this was meaty. I'll agree that Owen split up moves a little too much, but there were some great janky animations that came from moves just falling apart. This match was unpredictable throughout, I love that they went all in on the slams and chops, and it was impressive that they did this without making the match sluggish. Owen's getting better every time I see him, though, and I have high hopes for him, and hopefully Derek keeps going with this win, as I do like what I've been seeing from him. Good stuff, all in all.

    Drunk Flojo

    Yeah, this was alright. Mad to watch with the viewing party. The content of the promo itself, I'm not mad keen on, looks like we've got Terra/Flo on our hands, which will be a fun time, and I hope that'll put Flojo back on track, as I've really enjoyed the character in the past.

    Nate vs Blacksmith

    Again, I think this was a viewing party match. In isolation, I can see why watching the two fight over who gets to use the accendi table for ages, only for the table to give us an I AM THE TABLE moment would be a bit dull, but it was a riot on VC. I can't say I didn't have fun with the match, I was howling at points, but I don't know if I can say it was a good match. Last Man Standing matches look fundamentally broken, but with Iceman playing such a mad character in his live action promos, I'd love to see him run with the most insane moments of this match, him no selling huge moves, him being too cold to use an accendi table (dig it), and refusing to go down for any length of time until he had no choice. A lot of story stuff to pull from here. Also, while I'm not a fan of the shiny latex costume, I think Satanic Mantis Red works, being all horrible and thrown together as an aesthetic. I just hope there's some good writing to come from this, and some good in game playing, too.

    KD Promo

    KD is coming from the darkness and we're all sissays. I don't have too much to say about this, it was good, and I like KD, I wanna see how he bounces back from the Quartz match.

    Baker vs H20

    I love that we now have a one day long title reign, it's great. Slightly embarassed that I didn't recognise my own mashup of Alive/Audacity, but I like how H20's character model reflects Carter's piledriver spam, and I like how this match differed from the Night One match in that it was a full on wrestling competition, rather than destruction derby but with people. I loved the irony of the Rocket Kick ending after H20 came out to his tag theme, both guys looked strong, particularly with H2O pulling double duty, and I think the decision to make this for the title was a stroke of genuis, it made perfect sense considering the result. Great playing from both, and a great bonus to cap off this story and take the Light Heavyweight belt in new directions before the end of the season.

    Marisa vs Valk

    Marisa has improved so much. Seriously. She played the perfect heel here, as while we were all behind Valk, we also knew that she had competition. This wasn't a bad guy getting their comeuppance while we all cheer and laugh, Marisa put up a fight, she brought out some real wrestling moves, and I think that when her in ring skills improve a little more and she can pick up some wins, she'll be able to add a whole new dimension to her character, which I'm excited to see. Valk's brilliant, sign me up for a Valk Crate. Really enjoyable match, and these two just worked together brilliantly, the match absolutely lived up to its build. Masterfully done.

    Quartz vs Bobby

    Quartz continues his undefeated stre-awwww.

    Quartz starts a second streak, potentially, I really enjoyed this match. It felt like a competitive title match as well as a really aggressive blood feud match, which is always difficult to balance. I feel like the difference between Quartz and Bobby in this match made Quartz' strong, powerful style even more apparent, and gave the match more dimensions than just 'here's Quartz, he's dominant', which is always fun, I love discovering stuff about characters and how they work in matches, it makes it more than just a game. These guys just went for it, which kept the pace going, and might've been my favourite match of the night if it wasn't for what came right after.

    Rust vs Nate

    Best match I've seen here. I feel bad that there's not much to say about these good matches, it's so much easier to say why something's bad, but nah, this match was perfect, it's the pinnacle of what FPR can do with this game. Nate's non-resilience kickout was immense, and the exact sort of moment this match needed, both guys were on top form and resilient, and commentary sold this whole thing flawlessly. I particularly liked how both of these guys just went for it from start to finish, the finishers weren't a foregone conclusion after a lengthy reversal draining battle, they came out of nowhere, and it's part of what made this one of my favourite things to have experienced during my time in OCW. Awesome stuff. Genuinely fantastic. Love this place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drago Cesar View Post
    Some matches

    Cort vs. Mugen:

    I know it may sound like I'm just shilling for my buddy, but this was genuinely a hilarious match. From the cutscenes to the attires, this felt like a genuine garbage wrestling match and I mean that in the best way. I'm not sure how Mugen wins these Safety matches by the skin of his teeth almost every time, but it's great to see him get the W and exploit Cort Marshall's only weakness: irony. I give this 87 stars out of 32 because both men tried to kill themselves.

    El Parca vs. Tony Touch:

    What a match. If you want a prime example of a no bullshit, 1000 MPH OCW match, you need look no further. Total nonstop action (BROTHER) from bell to bell, an absolute delight to watch. Tony is a fantastic champion and I can't wait to see what he's gonna do next.

    O W E N vs. Fraser vs. Just Derek:

    Another really enjoyable match. I think my only real gripe is OWEN breaking up a lot of the moves. Once in a while is ok, but it got to be a bit much. Aside from that, loved all the chops and the MEAT. Surprised to see Derek pick up the win, hope he does something with it or I'll hit him with a brick.

    Some RPs:

    This show was pretty light on RPs surprisingly. Especially Night 2.


    Liking the fire and vitriol in this one. Bit interesting that this is leading to a random match at the next show when I could easily see these two feuding. Maybe that feud is gonna become a thing and I just need to keep my panties in a bunch instead of tweeting some reactionary bullshit.

    "Because the Alistair Ross I saw at Summercide couldn’t lace the Christian Garcia I saw at Summercide’s boots. Prove me wrong."

    Good ass line.

    Alyssa Marceaux:

    Bit of a standard issue promo, this one. Placement is also all out of wack considering the women's championship matches were the night before, or maybe she doesn't pay attention to anything else in OCW outside her own affairs.


    Evil Terra scares me. Love the attention to detail in this one, especially at the end when my feud with FloJo was referenced. That was some of her best character work, and if she can stay the course, she'll be over again in no time.

    A Video:

    The Iceman:

    Gotta respect anyone willing to put themselves in front of a camera here to cut a promo. Would like to see this Saul character expanded upon, think there's some cool potential here. I'd also like to see the sexy photos. For the sake of human science.

    Thanks to everyone who put in work. Thanks to Jake and Jae for putting this all together. Thank you to EVERYONE who donated to the Humane Society. Thank you EMP for putting up with my bullshit, coming up with the fundraiser idea and giving me one of my all-time favorite matches, if not my absolute favorite.

    You did t like my fancy special effects for the photos? Haha I used crayons and everything
    The Iceman has spoken. Dig It!

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