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    Seasons Greetings w/ El Primero

    The scene opens up into a familiar New York City penthouse apartment, the camera sweeps around the room and we can see lavish furniture, animal skin rugs, and countless posters all over the wall. The posters all have one thing in common, El Parca is featured on them. A faint sound of running water can be heard and is within a second turned off. A door opens to the right as the camera switches its view and out comes El Parca himself. Parca, noticing the camera waves at them and motions for them to come forward.

    Parca: Isn’t this something huh? Beautiful place right? Yea. That’s what happens when you become a double champ within a year and continuously headline TV and have must-see pay-per-view matches. Just take it all in and look at my GREATNESS!

    Parca circles the room with his arms extended showing off of the posters he’s been showcased on.

    : You’re wondering why you’re here right? Don’t worry I wouldn’t let pests like yourselves in without proper reason. You see, there’s this little annoying voice in the back of my head I keep hearing. And that voice I just can’t shake it out no matter what I do.

    Parca walks over to a nearby love seat as he takes a seat, the cameras follow and sit across from him as the camera focuses on him.

    : When I was laid up in a hospital bed after what happened at End Games, I watched that S-Cup draft, I watched when people kept screaming out their grievances. But one person’s grievance stuck with me and hasn’t left me. That little rat Chris Greene, he saw an opportunity and tried to take it cause he KNEW I was in the hospital! This is someone that you people cheer for? Someone that you want to be successful in this business who prays upon the downfall of actual SUPERSTARS!?

    A knock is heard at the door as Parca whips his head to see. He doesn’t even move as he pulls a remote out of his pocket and clicks a button; as the button is clicked numerous locks and buzzers go off within a moment and Parca shouts “Come in!” Entering into view of the cameras and the apartment is none other than Parca’s right-hand man Christian Garcia.

    Parca noticing Garcia jumps out of his seat and walks quickly up to his friend as he grabs him in an embrace.

    Parca: Christian, my friend, my brother. I hope the drive wasn’t too long, how’s Spencer? How are the nieces, nephews, and folks at home? Is everyone doing well?

    CG:: Everyone’s fine, Miguel. I’m planning on heading back over after the next round of shows is over, taking a week or so to spend with my family back in Santa Fe. As for Spencer, well, wedding plans. I remember we took a nice, quiet break after Wrestlelution last go round, so I think we’ll do it then.

    Garcia frowns, clearly mulling over what he’s going to say next. When he finally speaks, it’s in a very measured, separating himself from Parca with only a hand on his shoulder connecting them.

    CG: You’ve, uh… been in here a while, huh?

    Parca: Mmm not too long to be honest with you. After the S-Cup I’ve took some spontaneous days and gone back home. But, I asked you here today because I have a surprise for you. Something that I think will make you very happy!

    Parca turns toward the cameras and points at them.

    : That’s why you’re here today!

    Garcia looks confused, shrugging his shoulders at the camera before turning back to Parca and offering him a nervous smile.

    CG: Whatcha got for me?

    Parca takes Garcia over to a nearby table and points at the table. On the table in a clear shot is a match card, the match card is titled “Ambition #6” and, on the card we see “Christian Garcia vs. Chris Greene II” Parca looks back at the paper and Garcia repeatedly over a few seconds.

    : HUH! Whatcha think about that?

    Garcia pauses for a moment, seemingly unsure of what to think as he pores over the card. Slowly, however, a smile crosses his face.

    CG Well, if this isn’t a Merry Christmas to me…

    Parca smiles as he snaps over to the cameras.

    : Okay, you’re not needed anymore. Get the hell out.

    Parca shoves the camera crew quickly out of his apartment as he slams the door shut, the scene fading to black.

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