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    WRESTLER NAME: Benjamin Cliffard Franklin a.ka. C-Note
    HOMETOWN: Harlem, New York, USA(born) Toronto, Ontario Canada (grew up and reside)
    HEIGHT: 6'2"
    WEIGHT: 240
    THEME SONG: DNA by Kendrick Lamar

    Stacks Driver (Cave-In)
    Money Bag (Tequila Sunrise 1)

    Pay Day (Play Of The Day)



    Benjamin Cliffard Franklin or C-Note as the most know him was born in Toronto Canada. Growing up he didn’t have it easy and had to fight for everything he had in life. Since as a leader in his neighborhood strong people would flock to him and due to that he and some of his closest friends (Roanin, Drifter & “Bushido” Brown) were able to create a gang that no one on the street of Toronto would dare mess with. 416 as they were called ran it all, but C-Note was always looking to the future.

    As the four fathers of 416 grew older and made their own paths in life Note chose to work his way up the corporate ladder within a major advertising agency located in Canada. Always wanting to be his own boss he, later on, left that company and founded an advertising agency called 4 Love Or Money Inc. Doing very well for himself he decided to expand his company's repertoire by adding public relations. Representing many big athletes and his biggest client was Roanin as he was making his way up the UFC ladder.

    After helping Roanin dominate the wrestling business C-Note decided to introduce the wrestling business to the faction known as 416 (made up of the top tier athletes from 416). This group went on to dominate many companies until they inexplicably left the wrestling world never to be heard of for a couple of years.

    Instead of returning to running his international company daily, C-Note decided that he didn’t want to go back to being a spectator and traveled the world training to get into the ring himself.

    Having found what he feels is his true calling he comes to Legacy Pro Wrestling as The True Messiah ushering in The Glorious Change.

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    OCW Record

    (WWE 2K22)

    05/27/2022 (Turmoil)- L Vs Cort Marshall (Replacement for Darryl Webster) (Pin)
    06/24/2022 (Turmoil)- L Vs Joe Deaver (Pin)
    07/30/2022 (Riot)- L Vs Gonzalo Munoz (Pin)
    08/05/2022 (Turmoil)- L (w/ Lotus FloJo) Vs Hott Storage (Colin Locke& Ashley Moore)
    08/19/2022 (Turmoil)- W Vs Telos (Pin)
    09/09/2022 (Turmoil) - W Vs Elliot Parker (Pin)
    09/23/2022 (Turmoil) - L (w/ Lotus FloJo Paid In Full) Vs Telos & Sarah Moore (Pin)
    09/27/2022 (Ambition September 2 Remember) - W Vs Hit-Gui (Pin)
    10/07/2022 (Riot) - L Vs Elliot Parker (Pin)
    10/28/2022 (Riot) - W VS Joe Deaver (Pin)
    10/31/2022 (Ambition Halloween Hell) - W Vs Telos (Main Event)(Extreme Rulez)(stipulation loser leaves town or loses mask)(Pin)
    11/11/2022 (Riot) - L (w/ Lotus FloJo Paid In Full) Vs Kareem Franklin & Harri Etiquette
    12/03/2022(Animal House PPV) - W vs Sheldon Tremblay (Pin)
    12/06/2022 (Ambition 14) - L Vs Sheldon Tremblay (Pin)
    12/09/2022 (Turmoil) - L Vs Jordan Trance (Pin)
    12/28/2022 ((Ambition) - L Vs Chris Green (Pin)
    01/13/2023 (Riot) - L (w/ Jared MacGregor) VS Max Storage (Max Edward & Colin Locke)(Pin)
    01/27/2023 (Riot) - W (w/ Lotus FloJo Paid In Full) Vs The Macs (Nate Mac & Marisa Welc Mac)(Pin)
    02/10/2023 (Riot) - L (w/ Hanzo The Family) Vs John Carter, & Jackson Montgomery (Pin)
    02/25/2023 (18-Year Anniversary Show PPV) - L (w/ KC Barret The Family VS Future Idiot (John Carter, Jordan Trance)(Pin)
    02/28/2023 (Ambition 76) - L Joe Deaver (Main Event)(Pin)
    03/17/2023 (Turmoil) - W Vs John Carter (Pin)
    03/28/2023 (Ambition 17 aka 77 SSSHHH!) - L VS Luis Bishop (Pin)
    Rumbleground 2023 (PVP/AI/RP) 48 Man Royal Rumbler - L (came in Number X, lasted X minutes, eliminated X ppl

    Singles Record
    6 Wins - 9 Losses

    Tag Record
    0 Wins - 3 Losses

    Mix Tag Record
    1 Wins - 4 Losses

    Overall Record
    7 Wins - 16

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