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Thread: ULTRA Riot 584

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    ULTRA Riot 584

    We Nasty Like That!

    15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree
    make him tap with brownie mix

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    Random poorly formatted and scattered go home thoughts

    - Continuity to open the show with Simson and Cort! Little background showing who Simson is, excited to see that expanded on a little bit.

    - Love seeing the new faces get involved with RP work. Neir Yorha is weird, but interesting weird. Stand out, that's what the look does. Just a tip - you do not need quotation marks in your RPs, that's what makes the Morrison Method so great on it's own. Save your quotation marks for emphasis within the RP itself.

    man the fucking GOAT academy is one of my fave things going right now, the banbter between the two legends is so good and it lets you enjoy it even without knowing who Lee and Aries are. In fact, I'd argue it's better if you didn't.

    Catalyst for development for all kinds of characters. Such a collection of personalities here and I love how grand and macro the scale is for this. Fucking Jordan Trance was a star in this video. Love the touch of the old radio music, reminds me of an old boxing game. Just expertly done all around!

    Given the incredibly interesting look, I was a bit surprised by the vanilla or hasty entrance from Neir Yorha. Although, it does scream rookie. Give that entrance some life, kid. Maybe cut your theme to just a chorus or w/e.

    Colby continues to prove why he's a clear cut megastar in the biz just like his papi. Colby's rise to stardom has been done so perfectly and he's already a main event talent. Showing new characters how shit is done.

    Not sure I love the hood and jacket staying on during the match for Yorha, but he did a fine enough job staying a little competitive for sure. I didn't notice any huge FPR stuff either. Solid match.

    - Bonjour idiots pops me every time! I continue to appreciate the specific language and pace used in Rust promos. It's not about perfect english or grammar, it's about personality. You can FEEL the french accent and dialect through text. Blacksmith does this well too. As for the promo, sets up the match for CT. Both are at the top of their games career wise and I can't wait to see this one since I'm not on commentary this year. I get to experience it live with all of you!!!

    The day marisa steals the world title and has a huge reign, hoo wee. Idk what the playground is, but just such a prime example of how to continue to stay relevant and fun in OCW - keep evolving and doing new things. Marisa hasn't missed a beat since summer 2020.

    - Tremblay is the expected member of Sanctum to have insecurities, so this makes sense, as the youngest and the prodigy I like to see the fire here and we'll see ifi t's expanded on after what happens in the match, seeing as how he's the first out.

    Not a ton to say about the FFW, Tristen remains handsome and has so much top-tier potential as OCW's resident underdog/handsome kicky boy. I need more personality/character elements but the presentation so far has been great. Danielson's theme needs a new mix or a new tune immediately. Flat entrance. Match was chaos as you'd expect from a FFW, the spot with Samson and Cort in the ring at the end was fun, given their history, then the rookies break that shit up and split. I love both rookies movesets, they feel like they make a lot of sense. Nice touch having OWEN watch from the back. So much of pro wresting is presence so keep getting yourself front facing.

    Huge win from Danielson, albeit because of a narrowly missed kick from Cort. Let's see you follow up on that!

    - Pirate Math

    Awesome storytelling for Luis and Atlas. With all the moving pieces continuing to show their presence, glad to see Atlas fight through the early shakiness with FPR and what not and stay visible, he's still one of my faves presentation wise. Both McMichaels and Claudio get their PRESENCE out there without outright interrupting the match.

    No surprise to see the competitiveness in this one. Fun match, fun back and forth, and a big win for Bishop. (fuck that theme)

    - BRI ISH RULES FOR SANCTUM. I have no idea how they plan on executing that, but I have faith in the two involved. I'd maybe go with a variation of "Ring General" or something else, because the WALTER comparisons are already laid on so thick, maybe a diff nickname would be better. Cant wait for the match, though.

    - Danny has been so all over the place during his time in OCW, but I feel his best run was as a heel. That said, it's very fortunate he has such a powerful babyface in Harris Turner to help transition him to that good-guy role. And moving that way is the right move with Parca being such a dirty shitbag of a character. Trying to outshit that heel would not have worked as well.

    The watermark's on the garage doors on Colin's videos are always hilarious to me. The shift from funny to serious and mentally anguishing is jarring, but works for me because Colin commits to it. I'm still in suspense of where Colin goes after this. He's got so many directions based on the self reflection the torment has caused..


    - The "code" continues to show it's head with the petals. I am pretty sure I know who it is, but do you? MUCH MYSTERY BAY BAY!

    - Holy cowboy shit, Cort has had ENOUGH! Physicality introduced before the final showdown.

    I like Danny's new jacket and entrance! This is a prove-it moment for Danny, when the new era is finding itself, THIS version of Danny could become the star he thinks he is. (No match for DDE tho).

    Love a little tag wrasslin and surprised to see Danny take such a beatdown, though it again helps him towards garnering at least a little sympy. Actually I like his tights too. The matching looks from DDE are great too, but Danny's new look is very cool.

    Oh god, once Harris gets in this shit gets hot with DDE taking a huge beating. They CAN co-exist apparently. Love the shots from Danny to Parca on the Apron, nice touch. leads perfectly to ahuge act of violence out of fucking nowhere and THAT legitimizes the fuck out of Danny as the "Parca stopper" he's been built as for the last 2 years. Nice touch on the finish from Turner attacking Parca. GREAT match imo.

    - Tony knows that the NA title was just hucked intot he river, he's worried about Rust's history with throwing shit into the hudson too. Tony's line at the end just goes to show you that glory and championships will always drive friends apart, especially that shit bag Rust Cohle, who's done this twice now.

    - "You listen to me and you listen to me!" is a typo, but it's somehow hilariously something John would say in Discord and it popped me. I appreciate the backstory here between Alyssa and John to explain the situation after the Elliot Parker fuckery. John and Parker on a collision course? Built right, not a match I would hate to see. John's backhanded remark about being professionals feels right too.

    The Garcia ent has changed a lot but so has he, hopefully this version stays pat because it feels solid enough to the wild nature of what CG is right now.

    These two really went to war here. Definitely a battle I was interested in seeing after all that happened the last two weeks. There was a section there in the middle where the two kept revving and dodging over and over that was actually sick. Dodging is really great given you're not overdoing it or doing it every single defensive chance you get.

    Very competitive match and it should have been IC and out. HUGE win for Derek ahead of the INT title match and I don't think anything was lost after that super close finish for CG. Great job all around!

    - What in the absolute fuck is this duality of Elliot Parker promo. This has gone in a direction I could have never expected. Some old school lucha underground shit that I am absolutely here for. So basically, Parker's reborn prophet and the original angel that survived split into two after the accident that killed him they find each other and go SEND THE TRUCKER RESPONSIBLE TO ETERNAL HELLFIRE AND BRIMSTONE.

    and trust me, this is all canon, this isn't some dream sequence or "inside the mind" shit that I pull for creative influence, John Carter actively referenced that there are two of them in a separate promo. This is all there for everyone to see.

    This is insane in all the best ways. The connect back to the very story that everyone tried to laugh at and re-evaluate his place in the universe leaves him so many options as far as a return/long term character goes. Give me more spooky over the top nonsense. I'm here for it. THEY KILLED A GUY.

    This chaos blinking promo has aired I think every week since after we started and I'm not sure where it's going. I have a leading theory right now, based on this recent video which include grainy cuts from Rust Cohle, Papa Kass (specifically Papa, as he mentioned in #Show-Discussion), Bald H2O (I think), Jehst, Alastair Ross, Mark Reese, El Parca, and one I can't really make out towards the beginning.

    The dates behind the cuts and in the prev videos seem to point to a reveal at Chaos Theory, so I guess we'll find out there. (I swear to god if it's a Jehst heel turn I'm going to lose my mind)

    - Show RPS wrap with a huge clash with 4 major players in Rust, Tony, Doc, and Harvey. Interesting mind games played by Cohle here, but smart. Harkens back to his days as the OG coward knife pervert. Self-sustain as he leaves without suffering the wrath of two of his oldest rivals. The tension between Tony and Doc is inescapable at the end, and even Harvey gets a glimpse at the title as he's made his way back into the fold.

    Shit is getting wild ahead of CT.

    I obvs watched the ME and man what a super fun match. The cohesion and tag team stuff was really great and I'm glad our first mixed tag in a decade was as great as it was, especially because of the build. This is why you build for TV just as much as you do PPV, gents. Thanks for giving us such a banger to head to CT in style.

    See you all Saturday, sorry I couldn't commentate the show proper, but it means I get to watch it live with the rest of you.

    As for those who might be disappointed I'm not calling a show for the first time in 4 years, talk to Jay, it's not my fault. /shrug.

    President and leading member of the Paul Pugh Fan Club. We love KidEgo

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