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    The Last Cowardsmith

    New York, 23rd May, h.8.00 am

    A smartly dressed man walks into a newsstand

    Ciao francè

    F: Oh guarda chi c'è. Come va con la nuova vita? Il lavoro?

    ???: Beh non ci si può lamentare. Devo solo abituarmi alla nuova vita d'ufficio.

    F: Che ti do? Il solito?

    ???: sì, sì france. Il solito, grazie.

    While the discussion is taking place, a boy approaches the newsstand.

    C: Hi, sir. Is there the ocw magazine with everett slippers as a gift? I heard on tv it was available.

    F: Sure! Is Tony your favorite?

    C: Not. My favorite is "EL PRIMERO". Parca! But I love these slippers

    While he is waiting to receive his magazine, the boy takes a look at the stranger next to him.

    C: Hey wait a moment. These tattoos. I know who you are!

    ???: You should be a smart kid then..

    The stranger, after an annoyed look at the boy, turns back to his friend behind the counter

    ???: Francesco, passami tutto al volo, che almeno vado a lavoro.

    C: You are the Last Blacksmith!

    ???: You wrong...

    C: I'm not! What are you going to answer to the Kassidy Challenge?

    Matteo: I don't... wait what?

    The boy takes the magazine, and opens it on page 7. "Kassidy Hayes challenges the disappeared Blacksmith for a match at Wrestlution 16"

    Matteo frowns

    Matteo: You son of a b....

    C: So what are you going to do? You won't run away again will you?

    In the meantime, the boy's father also enters the newsstand

    D: why are you taking so long?


    D: The coward?

    C: YES!

    Matteo looks at his friend Francesco:

    B: Fai una cosa, tieniti tutto. Passo più tardi....

    D: Hey COWARDSMITH. If you just try to accept the challenge, Kassidy will destroy you. Like Derek did. Do you know that?

    A grimace of suffering appears on Matteo's face.

    M: I'm not the Last Blacksmith anymore... and now, if you will, I must go to the office.

    F:Mi dispiace mattè...

    M:Fa niente. Fa niente.


    M: you can go fuck yourself

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    kids got great choice in his favorites

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