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    Jasmin Kaffee

    WRESTLER NAME: Jasmin Kaffee
    HOMETOWN: Walker, Louisiana
    HEIGHT: 6' 0'
    WEIGHT: billed at 180 pounds
    THEME SONG: ???

    Walk Through Fire (Uranage Slam)
    Test of Faith (Twister choke)

    Dreamcatcher (Backflip into deadlift Bridging German Suplex)

    Notable Feuds: Ambition- Jasmin Kaffee v. Evelyn Parker

    ACCOLADES: 1x Combat Sport International Womens Featherweight Champion


    Little is known about Jasmin Kaffee's early life. What is known is that she was born Jasmin Delache, had no father figure in her life, and was raised by a single mother who was in and out of the prison system, along with her grandmother, until the age of 17. During this time she was a cheerleader for the Walker Wildcats high school JV/Varsity cheer squad, and scored a 4.0 GPA.

    Jasmin would find herself a mother of one shortly after graduating, living with the father, who remains unidentified to the general public per her request, and entering the workforce as an assistant cheer coach for her alma mater, while also waiting tables at night and tending bar on the weekends. A natural athlete, she would take up kickboxing as a hobby to fill her time.

    A sudden shift that included her partner's sudden disappearance would lead to Jasmin quitting all but her waitressing job in order to take care of her child. However, it wasnt enough to make ends meet. Jasmin would find herself in and out of group housing. It was during one of these off periods where fitness and wrestling coach Felix Garcia would meet her, cornering one of his trainees for a fight in New Orleans and training at the gym Jasmin frequented.

    The two formed an immediate and ironclad friendship, to the point that Garcia would be named her son's godfather within two years time. Her athletic talent apparent, Garcia allowed Kaffee to move in to his gym in Angel Fire, New Mexico and train full time, which led to her pursuing a career in MMA. She would go undefeated in the regional circuit before being offered a contract by Combat Sport International's Dimitri Czarny after a scouting session. She would rack up 7 wins before competing for the title, taking the nickname 'Rougarou' after the werewolves of Cajun-Creole folklore.

    Kaffee would to on to dominate CSI's 145-er division due to her abnormally large size, stellar striking, and a rapidly-evolving freestyle wrestling game. She would end up setting a promotional record for both control time
    and takedowns completed in her championship fight against Ladislava Shostakova, a fight which could be best described as Kaffee repeatedly throwing Shostakova to the floor, weathering hail mary submissions, and maintaining a slow, methodical pace while grinding her opponent down to a lopsided unanimous decision.

    Jasmin would defend her title five times before showing a sudden interest in professional wrestling. Courting offers from multiple promotions, Jasmin showed a particular interest in OCW- where her former coach, now known as Christian Garcia, resided. Moving to Black Brook, New York, she would fight her last bout with only a three week camp nor serious training, utterly demolishing her opponent, Natalia Vera. Plans were made for a superfight between her and the bantamweight contender and fellow superstar Randi Rose, though events would conspire to cancel that bout.

    Said event was Jasmin participating in a wrestling match on OCW Ambition against Sue Plex in a losing effort. The event sent shockwaves through the MMA world, and CSI head Czarny launched a blistering tirade against the champion before stripping her of her belt and terminating her contract.

    It was later revealed that Jasmin had not intentionally signed off on a wrestling match, and as such, OCW offered her a developmental deal. She would continue to appearon Ambition in the coming months and on non-televised shows, amassing a televised 1-3 record and facing the likes of Lotus Flojo, Harri Etiquette, Evelyn Parker, and La Mujera Obscura in short, non-televised 'trial runs'.

    She would make her official debut on the June 3rd edition of RIOT with a one-sided loss to Debbie D.

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