WRESTLER NAME: Samsin Simsin
WEIGHT: 215lbs
THEME SONG: "Temptation" - Imminence

-Sacrilege (X-Plex)
-Disgracer (Unprettier)

-Desecrator (Rolling Unprettier)

-Arnaud & Charles Young (Season 11)

-Student of Scumchester Academy (Season 17)


Born Samson Simpson in Detroit, Michigan February of 1988 to a single mother and estranged father.

Not much was known about Samson until his fist OCW appearance, at the end of Season 11, when he introduced himself to the world in a MushroomHead mask, landing a headbutt to Charles Young's manager, Arnaud.

Samsin would then return to open the OCW 12 Year Anniversary show to then lose against TJB.

However, tempers were still fever pitch from what he did, unprovoked to Arnaud, that him and Charles Young would now hunt Samsin at any opportunity they had, and they did.

After a few more backstage altercations between losing RIOT match-ups over the following weeks, Samsin would have to take a trip to the E.R. due to one of the run-ins he had with the two.

Returning the next week, after losing by way of pinfall to Nathan Carter, Samsin would start to reveal his frustrations to the OCW universe. Later that evening, attacking a lone Charles Young in the locker room. Unknowingly setting up a handicap match for the very next week against the two, after calling them out on Clark Effect. Samsin would also lose the match in a devastating fashion.

Johnny Tsunami would then introduce himself to Samsin as a fan of his but, Samsin was untrusting and hesitant.
Devil's Night '16, Samsin was to face Charles Young again, with Arnaud ringside. Samsin requested Tsunami show up for the match but, he hadn't until after Samsin had taken another loss. Charles and Arnaud would attempt to send Samsin back to the hospital with an aftermatch attack that Tsunami would then interrupt to stop it.

Tensions rose with Samsin toward Tsunami after this. Samsin would go onto a triple threat the next week between Mo'Cream and H2O, coming up short of a victory again.

By RIOT 456, we found Samsin losing himself. Instead of attending the stadium for the show, he was drinking his frustrations away at an unnamed bar where he was later arrested for Aggravated Battery amongst a few other charges against multiple patrons of the establishment.

By the Season 13 anniversary show; an attorney, Troy Smith was hired in Samsin's defense, outside of court and unbeknownst to Samsin at the time.
Troy was in contact with Samsin, seemingly cutting deals and making less of a sentence for him in the Manhattan Correctional Facility. But, things became silent and OCW didn't hear from either one of them again.

Over the course of Samsin's jailtime, he spent most of his stay keeping silent and to himself. Focusing only on staying in shape and keeping his anger in check.

Samsin was released early from Manhattan during the COVID outbreak of 2020 and returned home to Michigan to be with his wife and children.

Wrestling for OCW was still something Samsin aspired to do and return to. He started joining leagues again by the next year, trying to retain his name in the world of competitive combat. Eventually earning enough money for him to take the trip back to New York and drop off a new resume and application to Mr. Sensation himself.

April of 2022, Samsin passed his JASADA screening and much to his own surprise, was again, cleared to compete for OCWFED for Season 17.

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