It is very very easy in V4 to post your articles, story arcs and all that jazz on the front page. And now I will tell you how to do so. Please read this very very carefully, because if you manage to get it wrong I will kill you, then ban you, probably just ban you, and then kill you, any combination actually.

  1. Go to The OCW Magazine Section.
  2. Create a Thread.
  3. Proof read the thread.
  4. Format to your liking.
  5. When you are finished attach an attachment .jpg, .png, .bmp,
  6. Attachment MUST be 400x272 that's 400WIDTH 272HIEGHT
  7. ATTACHMENT MUST be 10-25kb
  8. Under additional options UN check the box that says Show your signature.
  9. Click Submit New Thread.
If you want to use an NPC check back later for instructions on how to do that.