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    'The Maniac' Manik Mercer

    WRESTLER NAME: Manik Mercer
    HOMETOWN: Birmingham, England
    HEIGHT: 6'6
    WEIGHT:281 lbs
    THEME SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ef_l...MilitaryCorner

    Corner TRapped Knee Lifts 2
    Deadlift back suplex (outside)

    Deadlift military press slam
    (Outside because I can't do the Deadlift military press slam it's just a military press slam)

    NOTABLE FUEDS: (If any, if rookie can skip)

    ACCOLADES - (titles held, and date, Awards, etc) Nothing here, but has been a champion in other feds.


    Manik Mercer is an ex-military man, he had to cut his career short when he lost control one day and beat his commanding officer to near death. He has always struggled with anger issues his whole life and it's always lead him down a path of difficulty and hardship. His transition into wrestling seemed to make sense to the people around him as he gets to vent his anger legally and be rewarded for it.

    He has wrestled for other promotions and found success but his troubled mind still finds ways to make life difficult.

    He is a powerhouse who likes to cause damage and destruction.

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