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Thread: VALcano.

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    Ring Name: VALcano.
    Billed from: Honolulu, Hawaii.
    Height: 5ft 3.
    Weight: 121lbs.
    Entrance Music: Phoenix Theme - X:Men The Last Stand

    Solar Flare (Corkscrew Neckbreaker 2)
    Fiiiiiiiireballl!!!!!!! (Fireball Punch)

    Magma Chamber (Consequences)

    Biography: Val never in her wildest dreams thought she would ever become a wrestler - but here we are with our tale. Having been put through the ringer in her training and constantly put down by her male counterparts she took a stand using the Riot Grrrl movement to harness her red hot rage inside and channel it in a positive light...

    Punching the head trainer for others may not seem ‘in a positive light’ but it made her doubters instantly sit upright and take notice of her.

    Val wants to make it clear to the whole of OCW that: ‘’I may be a rookie by name, but the nature of VALcano is simply unpredictable!’’

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    >Veruca Salt


    I love their song "Seether"

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